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April 30th, 2010

As any child of the 80s can claim, I grew up on sitcoms. From TGIF to must see TV and everything in between. Color me obsessed. I started my own website about TV so clearly I love it a lot. And that love started in the late 80s/early 90s. When I went to college, I never thought I would meet anyone equally as in love with TV as I was. Thankfully, my college roommate (and now best friend) fit the bill perfectly. When she proposed to me an idea for this site with reviews (and probably interviews down the line) of our favorite sitcoms, I was so excited. She is a brilliant writer and equally brilliant TV connoisseur and I am so pleased to introduce her. She will be writing Flashback Fridays about various different shows. If there is something you want her to cover, feel free to weigh in. So without further ado, I introduce to you, E. (Cue round of applause)

E here, the TV Chick’s best friend and former roommate. Our TV was on from 2001-2005 non-stop and we lived so many moments anxious for a new Gilmore Girls (complete with singing the theme song) or falling asleep at 2am to an oft-watched Frasier episode. One of our favorite mid-day activities (hey, we were in college, we had the time) was watching old episodes of many classic 90s television shows including Full House, Step-by-Step, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World, etc, etc. Seriously, I could go on and on here. That’s what brings us here today to the TV Chick’s latest blog series: Flashback Friday’s. I’ll be guest writing every Friday about some of yours and mine favorite old shows. We’re starting with Boy Meets World, which I’m thrilled about because I’ve been waiting for it to come back into rotation on ABC Family in the early mornings. It finally has after about 2 years of me waiting patiently (yes, I realize this is tad bit weird, sad…choose your adjective). Anyway, it’s back! To fully prepare, I feel like I need to dig up my 8X10” glossy of Rider Strong. But let’s start the walk down memory lane now. We’ll be looking at a one episode each week as well as some highlights from a few other episodes.

OK, so Season 1 is already over for now (don’t worry, I’m sure it will back in a couple of months as they are playing 10 glorious episodes a week). But, the highlights are Cory is not really into Topanga, Eric is not over-the-top dumb yet, Shawn’s family is slightly less colorful, and the often-tortured Minkus is still around. Our hero Cory is also still in sixth grade so things haven’t really gotten too scandalous yet.

But, Season 2 just started this past week, so let’s move on shall we? Our featured episode this week is “Back 2 School” and is brought to you by Shawn’s sexy fake sideburns. Like any first day back at school episode, this Season 2 premiere is filled with excitement and new characters.

Here are the highlights:

  • Cory signs an agreement not to talk to Eric here forth know as the “The Great One” (with Cory being “The Insignificant Speck.”)
  • Cory utters in the hallway as they walk into middle/high school: “This is it, High School, what happens to us now determines our entire future.” ← This is like philosophy people.
  • The boys have definitely had their sexual awakening as they look at Topanga for a little too long and a little ogling-esque.
  • We meet the ‘sexy’ motorcycle riding, slightly mullet having English teacher Mr. Turner (who Cory mistakenly believes is the 9-millionth year senior Harley Keiner).
  • Shawn and Cory are separated for the first time!
  • Cory tries to get an in with the actual Harley Keiner, but he just embarrasses himself and gets them both in trouble. Cory also earns the nickname “Johnny Baboon” from Harley.
  • Mr. Feeny is the new interim principal, woop woop, moving on up to the east side, to a deluxe office at John Adams High. He then in turn cracks me the heck up when he refers to the students as the “Beasts of the Field.” I for real LOL’d here. I need hobbies.
  • Mr. Turner tries his best to secure his position as the cool teacher by having the students read the Odyssey alongside an X-Men issue.
  • Eric ends up coming through for Cory in the end when he attempts to protect him from Harley (who has threatened punishment by death for getting him in trouble with Feeny). Eric isn’t successful and it’s the cool Mr. Turner who breaks things up. Harley says to him, “Could I take you?” Mr. Turner responds, “Nah.” Haha, comedic gold people!
  • Everything gets wrapped up nicely at the end when Cory realizes he sort of lived the Odyssey on his first day of seventh grade.

Bravo! Love it! Classic episode full of awesomeness.  I can’t wait to keep watching and rediscover Boy Meets World, especially the greatest love all time (besides Buffy and Angel that is), Cory and Topanga. Come back for next week’s Flashback Friday where we check back in on Cory.  Comment back about your favorite Boy Meets World episodes or other shows you want to revisit! Later! E.

Q&A: Sara Shepard: Author of Pretty Little Liars

April 29th, 2010

I have loved Pretty Little Liars since it was a book series and there was no talk of it coming to television. So when I heard it was going to be a series on ABC Family (one of my favorite all time networks), I was absolutely thrilled. I have read the pilot script and I can tell you that it is very similar to Book 1, which is phenomenal. There is mystery, intrigue, drama and of course big secrets. I recently had the chance to speak with Sara Shepard, the author of the book series, about the TV show, ABC Family and what parts of her own life have made it into the book series and now onto the screen.

I was wondering how much influence did you have in the casting process?
I did not have input into the casting process. That was all done on the other side of the country, so I didn’t know who they were going to cast, but when they did cast the girls I was very excited to see who they chose to be Ali, who they chose to be Aria, and Spencer and all of the rest. They don’t necessarily look like the girls that I described in the books but I think that’s okay because they really embody each of the characters and they do a great job playing. Spencer is a great Spencer; Emily is a great Emily; they might not look precisely like the dolls on the cover but they’re great representations of the girls.

How does it feel as an author to have your book come to life on screen?
It’s pretty crazy. I’ve seen the pilot, that’s the only – I know they’re shooting more episodes but the pilot is the only one that I’ve seen and it is really, really close to the first book; so many little details like Aria’s pet pig Petunia makes an appearance which is in the book which is based on something in my life. Aria comes back from Iceland. All of the scenes are what I wrote so it was really – I just kind of kept giggling the whole time that I saw it because it was surreal, but really amazing. I almost couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing that this thing that I thought of is now on TV. It’s pretty great.

I wanted to know how Pretty Little Liars ended up on ABC Family. When you read the book series it isn’t necessarily the network you would think of right away.
Well, I may want to turn this over to Catherine for your thoughts too, but from what I’ve seen on ABC Family I do think it’s a good fit there. There is a lot of scandal that happens in Rosewood, which is where Pretty Little Liars is set, but I also think our readers are the ideal ABC Family audience and that’s the channel that they’re watching. Also, even though Pretty Little Liars is a pretty scandalous series I try to keep a lot of really graphic – some series I think go really, really far and I try rein it in a little and keep things – keep sort of lessons learned and kind of a point to everything and try to make the girls as real as possible. I am very happy with it being on ABC Family with all of the other great shows that are on there right now. I think it fits in great. Catherine do you have any thoughts?

I just wanted to know if right now you have any sort of end game for the books. There are sort of a lot of ends so far but what – will there always be an A, et cetera. I know you can’t tell me all of that but –
No, no. The final book Wanted comes out the same day that the show is premiering and it is the conclusion to the series so A will be revealed and a lot of the mysteries will be solved. It is left – it’s left a little creepy and open-ended, but there is an end to the series. I wanted, and I am very happy that my publishers agreed, that we sort of wanted to go out kind of on a high note and not just drag things out and make everything make sense. Yes, the thrilling conclusion which is coming out June 8th and it will be really fun that readers who have hung on from the very beginning will be able to read the very last book and then go right into watching it on TV. I’m very excited for that.

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Waiting Sucks: First True Blood Minisode

April 28th, 2010

The HBO marketing department does a fantastic job of building the excitement for the new season of True Blood. Yesterday a brand new “minisode” written by creator Alan Ball was released with Eric and Pam choosing dancers for Fangtasia. It is pretty fangtastic (see what I did there?) I know that there will soon be a web series/mini-sodes with Jessica and I can’t wait. Waiting does suck, but HBO makes waiting a tad bit easier. Also this new poster is genius! Enjoy!

ADVANCE REVIEW: Glee: “Home” & Video Preview

April 27th, 2010

Happy Glee day! Tonight’s episode titled “Home” is the last one I have seen in advance, so from now on, look for my reviews on Wednesday. In any case, “Home” centers around what that word means to some of the characters. Kurt’s dad is back for this episode, and he sets him up with Finn’s mom. (I know this isn’t super spoilery because I have definitely read it before). Of course, Kurt’s motivations are complicated, but he shares some rather intense moments with his dad, played by Mike O’Malley.

Will grapples with this idea of home as well, and show-stopper Kristen Chenoweth is back reprising her role of April Rhodes. Of course there is always hilarious moments with April, and some amazing duets. She and Will sing “Fire” by Bruce Springsteen and “One Less Bell To Answer” by Burt Bacharach. (The track listing has already been released so this is not exactly a surprise).” One Less Bell To Answer” is probably one of my favorite musical numbers Glee has done, and it doesn’t even involve the vocal talents of Lea Michele. Kristen Chenoweth is an incredible talent and this song has such resonance for both characters. I won’t share the context of the song, but just know that I was floored.

The episode also involves the new members of the Cheerios (Kurt and Mercedes) and Sue’s unrealistic requirements for them. Amber Riley has an amazing moment to shine, and she rocks Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” out of the park. I may or may not have cried. There is also a super touching and sweet moment between Quinn and Mercedes, which is not something you see very often. The characters don’t generally interact but when they do, it’s really special.

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Q&A: Biggest Loser Season 9: Vicky Andrews

April 26th, 2010

The Biggest Loser is getting quite intense lately, and almost down to the final 4 who go to the finale. With the competition so fierce, contestants will do just about anything to get ahead. Last week, there was a temptation challenge, and Koli ate around 4,000 calories just so he could be the only vote in the elimination room. When it came down to it, Sunshine and Vicky fell below the yellow line. Sunshine had been there much longer than Vicky had (even though she had spent some time at home as well), and despite what Koli said to Vicky, I think his vote reflected his ties to Sunshine. I was sad to see Vicky go. She was great, and I was so happy she had the chance to return to the ranch. I recently had the chance to participate in a conference call with Vicky, where she talked about Koli’s accusations, what the big differences are between home and the ranch, and what he proudest moment was on the ranch.

Well I’m sorry to be talking to you but it’s still good for me because people are really curious, especially about what the reason that Koli gave you for, for choosing to send you home instead of, I’m sorry my brain is freezing this morning, instead of keeping you. So can you talk a little bit, I mean because, I mean and also when we were watching the show they did show times when it didn’t look like you were working out…really hard in the gym. Was that editing or?
You know what, it is, it is a show and everything that is seen on TV is wrapped in a pretty bow so you can, they can edit it whatever way they’d like. But I know that I worked hard, you know, and we all take breaks and if you would’ve looked at the other people, you know, when we were all working out everybody stops to get water, everybody stops to take a break and so if I did that then I do apologize. But you know, I would say that I worked really hard and I have no regrets, none at all. As far as Koli is concerned, he had to make his decision and like he said before he went in there he said I have to make it for myself. And there’s a lot of other things that I think played into his decision, but I believe that he eliminated me because I was the biggest threat, and he knew how hard I worked, you know. But he had to give, he had to give an explanation of why he was voting me off and so to say that I needed to kick it into another gear like basically saying that I didn’t work hard wasn’t true, but I mean it is a game and so the game was played.

And do you feel that maybe you were at a disadvantage because you started the game at home and you came back to the ranch later?
You know what there’s no excuses. I was given this opportunity and I’m so grateful for it and you know, I was thrown in late in the game, I felt like I was a single coming into a couples game. But I knew that coming in and I knew that there were twists and turns associated with the show and I believe that no matter when I came in I was going to give my, my best, so it didn’t really matter to me when I was in, I was just grateful to have the opportunity.

Out of your whole experience in the Biggest Loser Ranch what would you say was your proudest moment?
I think my proudest moment was when I woke up at the ranch, I mean you know I started my journey at home so I was waking up in my own bed every day. So when I got a chance to wake up at the ranch and to actually be in it and to say that I was doing it you know, I was losing weight. And when I woke up and I was not the 350 pound girl that I used to be, you know, before I started I used to wake up every morning and tell myself, okay today is the day. And when I was able to wake up at the ranch and tell myself, you know what, today is the day that you are actually 90 pounds lighter, you are actually 70 pounds lighter, you know, that, those were the moments that I truly remember and that I truly appreciate.

Well do you think it was harder for you to leave the ranch knowing kind of the experience that you had, because you had such a different road to getting there than pretty much anyone else on the show?
Right. No. You know when it was my time to go I felt like that’s exactly what it was is my time. It was nothing I could do about it and I just knew that from then on I would have to, you know, continue my journey at home. And it wasn’t a – it was a bittersweet moment because – it was bitter because obviously I was leaving and I didn’t get the time or the – yeah, the time that I would have liked on the show. But the time that I had was priceless, so I really appreciated it but I knew that I could do it at home because I had already been there.

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ADVANCE REVIEW: Starz Premieres: Party Down and Gravity

April 23rd, 2010

I have been waiting for Party Down to return for quite some time. I have talked it up to all of my friends and called it one of the best comedies of the year. For a show in its first season, that is a feat. Tonight’s season premiere “Jackal Onassis Backstage Party” does not disappoint. The show centers around a group of caterers (the company is called Party Down), who all have no desire to be caterers. Rob Thomas (genius who created Veronica Mars) along with John Embom and Dan Etheridge have created a series that supposedly uses the British Office as an influence. Party Down stars a cast with some familiar faces: Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen and joining them for season 2, Megan Mullally. Jane Lynch was a part of season 1 and she was phenomenal but she left to do Glee (which I’m happy about but wish she could do both).

Nothing can ever go right in Party Down world. People are always goofing off, their boss is usually leading the pack and the last thing any of them care about is actually catering. Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott (Casey and Henry) start dating last season, but at the end she goes to do stand-up comedy on a cruise. Ryan Hansen (Kyle) will literally do anything for a part, Martin Starr (Roman) is into hard-core sci-fi  and like everyone else in Hollywood, is writing a screenplay. Megan Mullally (Lydia) fits perfectly in the group as she moved to California for her daughter to become famous. I was a bit worried that no one would be able to fill Jane Lynch’s hilarious shoes but Megan Mullally does a great job.

At the end of last season it seemed like the group was disbanding. All of them were leaving to do “better” things including Ron, who went to fulfill his dream of running a Souper Crackers. When the season picks up, however, the crew is back with Henry as team leader. Of course, no one takes him seriously. Their first job is to cater a backstage party for satanic rocker Jackal Onassis. Hilarity ensues when Roman decides he wants to be Jackal Onassis to pick up women. You’ll just have to tune into see whether Casey and Henry’s romance picks up and if Ron is able to handle his new subordinate position. I’ve seen the first batch of episodes and it just gets better and better. There have been rumors floating around that this might be the last season of the show because Adam Scott is now going to be on Parks and Recreation and Lizzy Caplan has another pilot, but I really hope this isn’t the case. The creators have said that they understand they can’t hold people to the show but because it’s a catering company, people (and actors) can come in and out. I’m counting on a season 3, Starz, don’t let me down! Also, if you don’t get Starz, the episode is available online!

The 2nd season premiere of Party Down airs tonight at 10 pm.
Gravity is a new series on Starz, that is truly unique. Here’s what the network has to say about it:

“Starz premieres its new dramatic comedy “Gravity,” which follows the sometimes comic, sometimes tragic exploits of a group from an eccentric out-patient program of suicide survivors. Krysten Ritter stars as Lily Champagne, a twenty-something who just can’t connect to anyone until she actually dies. She stars with Ivan Sergei, who plays Robert Collingsworth, who is despondent following the death of his wife, and who becomes an internet celebrity when his suicide attempt goes comically awry.  He stars with Eric Schaeffer, the series’ co-creator and one of its executive producers, who plays Miller, an enigmatic cop with mysterious intentions. Also in the cast are Ving Rhames as Dogg McFee, the group’s leader and a former Major League Baseball player, now confined to a wheelchair; and supermodel Rachel Hunter as Shawna Rollins, a former spokesmodel and current life coach who is surprised to find herself attracted to someone much younger than herself. Robyn Cohen, James Martinez and Seth Numrich round out the main cast.”

I wasn’t sure what to think of this new series at first. I love Starz, so I had high hopes. Krysten Ritter is a favorite actress of mine from Gilmore Girls (others may know her from “Breaking Bad”) and it’s so great to see her in a starring role. The series premiere, titled “Suicide Dummies” centers around getting to know each of the members of the suicide support group. The premise of the show is interesting and definitely unique but it took until about half way through the episode for me to get hooked. I still want to know more about Lily’s (Ritter) life and what lead her to attempted suicide, but you can’t get everything in the first episode. I think this show has a ton of potential and I am intrigued by each storyline. The creators have gotten some flack about tackling this subject, so I hope they can continue to do it in a respectful way. I am certainly looking forward to seeing more. As with Party Down, you can also watch Gravity online, so you should check it out.

Gravity premieres tonight at 10:30 PM on Starz.

“An Evening With The Good Wife” At The Paley Center

April 23rd, 2010

On Wednesday night, I had the privilege of attending The Good Wife panel at the Paley Center. The Good Wife was a favorite of mine in the fall and consistently beats out its competition. I find it very different from other procedural dramas because I really care about the characters. The cases are important too, but that’s not the main focus. At the beginning, guests were treated to a screening of the next new episode, which I will say is quite riveting. The end made the audience gasp.

Matt Roush from TV Guide moderated the panel and introduced the panelists: Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, Archie Panjabi and Matt Czuchry. (Side note, Matt Czuchry got to the Paley Center really early and sat looking rather bored for a while…oh Logan Huntzberger). There was also an empty chair, which was later occupied by Christine Baranski. The loudest applause was probably for Julianna but Archie was a close second.

Julianna said she was looking to get back into TV, but she was originally looking for a cable show because she was going to be a working mom. When the script came in front of her, she said she had to take it, and it happened to be on network TV. She thought the writing was so good on the show, so she was not surprised it was embraced. She was very pleasantly shocked. When asked about the 10 pm time slot, she said that the choice to put Jay Leno on at 10 took away what 10 pm TV was supposed to be about…disappearing into a drama. She was absolutely thrilled they killed Jay Leno in the ratings. (Go Julianna!) She talked about how in film and theater you can map out someone’s life, but in TV you have to be more spontaneous.

She was then asked a question we have all been wondering about: “Will she crack?” Julianna promises that it’s gonna come! She explained it has to be very tricky because there’s so much she’s been holding together. When asked who she is rooting for, Alicia and Will or Alicia and Peter, she says she has gotten so many different fan reactions. At that point, Matt Czuchry chimed in, joking that they have shirts for Team Will and Team Peter. He was currently wearing a Team Will shirt but will be sleeping in a Team Peter shirt. He also claimed he made the shirts and all proceeds go to him. He joked that he was hoping to ride the success of Twilight with their “Team” memerobilia. The questions then went over to Josh Charles, about Will and Alicia. Josh said that Will is a lonely guy because of his career success. However, Alicia has re-awakened his passion for the law and his heart. He felt the Alicia/Will missed connections episode felt right and organic, and Julianna agreed.

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INTERVIEW: Sarah Hyland (Haley) from Modern Family

April 21st, 2010

Every week, Modern Family never fails to disappoint. The show centers around three families, who are all related, and their trials and tribulations that constantly result in hilarity. It stars veteran TV dad Ed O’Neill, and a wonderful cast in Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, Sofia Vergara, Rico Rodriguez, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Eric Stonestreet. It is one of those shows that is so polished, you want to watch and laugh over and over again. I recently had the chance to chat with Sarah Hyland, who plays Haley Dunphy, about her character, her TV parents and a prank Eric Stonestreet pulled on her. Believe it or not, she almost didn’t get the part of Haley because she was too old!

Congratulations on all the success of the show. It is certainly very deserving. What has awards season been like for you?
It’s been so much fun. I’ve never been on a show that’s been nominated for awards. So this is all very nice to be on something that’s being recognized for how good it is.

What drew you to the role and how did you get the part originally?
I’ve played the [character] like Haley before. The teenage girl who’s into her appearance and all of that stuff. But I got the audition and at first, the funny story about it is, at first they didn’t want to see me. And they didn’t even know what I looked like or anything like that, they just knew that I was 18 at the time. And they were like “She’s 18, she’s too old for the role.” They [gave them] my head shot and they were like trust me, she’s 18 but she doesn’t look 18. …”Oh my God, wait, never mind, we do want to see her.”

Well that’s good. Are you anything like Haley at all?
The only thing I have in common with Haley is that I constantly have my phone — either on me, or in it’s charger, 24/7. I’m into fashion but I’m mostly too lazy to dress up.

I hear you!
I’m usually too lazy to put on makeup or do my hair. Haley’s very into all of that stuff. The only really thing I have in common with her is that I do have my phone on me. We joke on set since Haley always has her phone on her on set, I always find places to hide my phone so that in between takes I can check my twitter and all that stuff.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jonathan Groff (Jesse St. James) from Glee

April 20th, 2010

Happy Glee day! Tonight’s episode titled The Power of Madonna, which I reviewed here, tackles the music of a legend. It is truly epic, and pays homage to a deserving artist. But really, I’m just happy Glee is back on my TV. What started as a little show with some big talent has had incredible success. In the back 9, there are new love interests, new couples and tons of new music. I recently had the chance to chat with the wonderful and extremely talented Jonathan Groff, a Broadway star who is now the new resident heartthrob. We talked about what it has been like working with his best friend again (Lea Michele), what goes into making an episode of Glee and the differences between stage and screen.

How did you get the part of Jesse St. James?
Well I actually about two years ago did a television pilot called Pretty/Handsome for FX with Ryan Murphy, that Ryan Murphy created and directed that never got picked up. And so I met him — I was doing Spring Awakening on Broadway at the time — and I left the show to do the pilot and I met Ryan and worked with Ryan, and then a year and a half later, he created this television show called Glee. He had known my work from Spring Awakening and also from working with him, and he said if the show does well and we get picked up for more episodes, I’ll create a character for you. And then he created Jesse St. James.

So you didn’t have to audition at all?
It was just written for me, so I didn’t have to audition or anything.

You come from a Broadway background. How has it been making the transition to television?
It’s been really interesting. It’s a totally different thing and I’ve sort of been comparing it to long distance running maybe as opposed to short distance running because in the theater you’re doing eight shows a week, and you have to pace yourself in order to be able to fit them all in. So you have to know when to push and pull back and when to conserve your energy and when to give it and all of that. And in television, you do a scene once with no rehearsal, and you had a day or half of a day to do your work on it, so it’s very intense, it’s fast, it’s high focused, and it’s acting. It’s sort of the same thing, but the mediums are so different that you have to adjust the way that you work. It’s been a real education.

And do you find that you have a preference: Broadway vs. a television show?
For me, acting is acting. As long as the part is good and the director’s good and the cast is great, it’s sort of fun to do that in whatever medium as long as you really love what you’re working on. I loved working in the theater and the projects that I’ve gotten the chance to work on, and I’ve really, truly loved working on this show and getting to spending time with the people and the material there. So I don’t think I do have a preference.

Well, that’s a good thing.
Yeah, yeah. (laughs)

And you and Lea Michele are best friends. I actually saw both of you perform at Feinsteins in the winter.
Oh really??

Yeah, I loved it!
Oh cool! We had so much fun at that concert. That was so fun.

Yeah, it was sort of like both of you unplugged. I loved it.
Aw, awesome.

So, what has it been like to work with her again?
Words can’t properly describe it. It’s been a blast. You get to sing and dance with your best friend. And not only do you get to work with your best friend, with sort of all the fun and good times and ease that that involves, but I also get to work with a peer who is an artist that I completely respect and admire. When you are an actor, or a musician or an athlete or whatever, you want to be challenged and work with people that push you and that inspire you, and Lea happens to be one of those artists for me that I have always really admired and really been inspired by and I’ve always been sort of made better by. And so it’s sort of two fold, because I love her so much as an actress and a singer and a performer, and then I also love her so much as a human being and as a person, so it’s been really incredible to get to work with her again. And we have that history together, so there’s an ease in our working relationship that comes with years of knowing each other and know each other’s work.

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ADVANCE REVIEW: Glee: “Power of Madonna” & Video Preview

April 19th, 2010

“You don’t deserve the power of Madonna,” are several words uttered by Sue Sylvester (who else?) to a fellow faculty member (it might surprise you which one) that epitomize the brilliance of this episode. Throughout my life, I have watched an incredible amount of TV. However, I can safely say I have not seen anything like the Power of Madonna episode of Glee. It is probably the most epic hour of television ever made from beginning to end. Every little detail you see on screen is perfection.

The whole foundation of the episode is Sue’s love of Madonna. She blackmails Figgins to blast Madonna’s music over the PA system all day. She of course still wants to take down the Glee club and won’t stop at anything. Remember those details I was talking about? Look in the background to see people walking the hallway dressed as Madonna at different points in her career.

Throughout the episode, we learn that the guys are not treating the girls very well. Mr. Schuester tries to fix this and encourage them to treat the girls with respect. This leads to a heartwarming rendition of “What It Feels Like For A Girl.” At the same time, Emma decides to step up and take control (by channeling her inner Madonna) and she decides she wants to ramp things up with Will.

Mercedes and Kurt decide to tackle Madonna in a multimedia project. They approach Sue and learn the deal behind that haircut (it’s actually touching in a weird messed up way but I don’t want to spoil). This leads to the amazing Vogue video, which by now you have all seen. Besides the fact that it proved that Jane Lynch can do anything and hit it completely out of the park, it also proves the same thing for the creative team of Glee. The video was absolutely breathtaking and almost an exact replica of the original video. The aforementioned Glee kids also decide they want more of a starring role and join the Cheerios. (I know this isn’t a huge spoiler since there are pictures and promos everywhere).

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