Entries from August 2010

Q&A: Melissa Joan Hart (Mel Burke) from Melissa & Joey

August 31st, 2010

Melissa & Joey is a new sitcom on ABC Family about a “manny” (Joey Lawrence) who works for a local politician Mel Burke (Melissa Joan Hart) who took in her niece and nephew. I actually have really been enjoying it so far, and most of all I love seeing stars from my favorite 90s sitcoms back on television. Melissa Joan Hart is charming and believable as the aunt character and Joey Lawrence has come a long way since his “whoa!” days. Although if he wanted to throw one in for good measure, I wouldn’t object. I recently had the chance to participate in a call with Melissa Joan Hart. She talked about her new role, what made her want to come back to a series and what she’s learned from Clarissa to Sabrina to Mel.

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Emmys 2010: List of Winners & My Thoughts on Who Got Snubbed

August 30th, 2010

The Emmys are like the Superbowl for television fans. It’s a good thing I didn’t bet on it though, because I probably would have lost. In any case, the telecast was a pretty successful one. By far, my favorite part of the night was the opening number featuring Jimmy Fallon singing along with members of the casts of Glee, Lost, The Vampire Diaries, Mad Men and 30 Rock (and even a little Betty White!)

Check out the video:

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My Emmy Wish List and Predictions

August 27th, 2010

It’s that time again! Emmys are right around the corner, and I can’t wait! I’m very into award shows, and I am especially excited for this years nominees. Some of the awards were already given out at the Creative Arts Emmy Award Ceremony — including one for Betty White for hosting Saturday Night Live and one for Neil Patrick Harris for guest starring on Glee. I adore both of them, so I was happy to see them take home a statue. Below, I list the big category nominees. I will say who I think will win and who I want to win. Weigh in with your thoughts as well!

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REVIEW: Make It Or Break It “If Only…”

August 25th, 2010

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more crazy for The Rock girls, they did. Last night’s episode of Make It Or Break It was an intense one. It featured probably some of the best acting performances by the girls on the show as each character dealt with their own looming set of problems. The episode starts with Emily in jail, recalling her arrest. She calls Razor for help, but since she’s a minor, her mom has to show up to get her. And boy does she show up. She’s dressed in a very revealing outfit with an interesting hairdo, leaving us to wonder, what exactly IS her new job? Emily and her mom duke it out at the police station. Soon after, Damon shows up to see her. They kiss. Woo! He got signed to a record label. Emily doesn’t tell want to ruin his good mood, so she doesn’t tell him about the arrest. Later, Emily and Damon are out on a date, and Emily comes clean about the endowment fund but not the arrest. She storms out of their date. She wants space because they weren’t supposed to see each other for two years. And in love triangle action, Razor is back working at the Pizza Shack. He tries to make her feel better about the bad date, and  they get in a food fight. Damon walks in on them. Oh wrong impressions. In the end, Damon tells Emily if she wants to be with someone in the meantime, she can. Emily looks sad and distraught. This is clearly not what she wanted! I love the Emily/Damon relationship, so  I am sad for both of them. But I also enjoy a good love triangle. I wonder if we will see a Razor/Emily kiss. I’m also Team Kmetko and hope that Emily really steps it up for World Trials and that this doesn’t distract her too much.

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SNEAK PEEK: Pictures from the Season 2 Premiere of Life Unexpected

August 24th, 2010

Life Unexpected returns to the CW on September 14th, at 9 PM, and I absolutely cannot wait. The season premiere is titled “Ocean Uncharted,” and I am so glad the show is keeping up their “-ed” titles like Friends did with “The One Where…” So, to tide you over, check out some (fairly non) spoiler-y pictures from the season 2 premiere!

INTERVIEW: On Set with Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis) from White Collar

August 23rd, 2010

White Collar continues to be amazing in its sophomore season. The Neal/Peter relationship is developing and twisting in new ways every week, and I love it. I also adore Marsha Thomason and Willie Garson, so I’m very happy to see them both take on bigger roles. Two weeks ago, we were introduced to Sara Ellis, an insurance broker who goes head to head with Neal. I recently had the chance to visit the set of White Collar, where Hilarie Burton (who plays Sara Ellis) talked to us about her new role, life after One Tree Hill and working with Matt Bomer, who she quite aptly dubbed one of the seven wonders of the world.

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VIDEO: Sneak Peek at True Blood “I Smell A Rat”

August 22nd, 2010

Are you as excited for tonight’s episode of True Blood as I am? Last week’s episode ended on an absolutely amazing note. In fact, so amazing, that Russel’s super creepy quote has been part of my household. It’s been a great season so far, and it just keeps getting better.

In anticipation for tonight’s big episode, here are a couple of great preview clips. Not too spoiler-y, don’t worry!

Pam questions Eric:

Jessica confronts Arlene:

Be sure to tune in tonight at 9 pm to HBO for “I Smell A Rat”

VIDEO: Life Unexpected “Pleasure Unexpected” Trailer

August 18th, 2010

Life Unexpected season 2 will be here before you know it. Until then, check out this new trailer! It has some pretty great little clips from the upcoming season.

Life Unexpected returns Tuesday, September 14th!

REVIEW: Make It Or Break It “Rock Bottom”

August 18th, 2010

Last night’s episode of Make It Or Break It, quite cleverly titled Rock Bottom, was very intense.  Each character is going through something big, and it’s only going to get more dramatic as the season wraps up. Lauren is dealing with the aftermath of her dad paying for Emily. She still wants to break Chloe and her dad up, so when Chloe tells her to come clean to her dad about Carter or she will, she devises a plan. She confides in Summer about her sex life, but blatantly lies about Chloe’s involvement in her life and knowledge of her relations with Carter. Lauren is the queen of manipulation. Carter’s only concern in this matter is getting kicked out of the gym. Of course, Summer spills the news to Steve, and he is unwilling to forgive Chloe. Chloe aptly points out that she forgave him even though he lied about the endowment, but he doesn’t budge. Steve Tanner, you are shady, just like your daughter! I don’t think this will be the end for them, though. Who knows. Lauren’s plan worked, but she breaks up with Carter because he seems to care more about himself than her. Lauren, you have a big tendency to ruin good things.

Emily is back working at the Pizza Shack, and pays Steve back some of the money from the endowment. She promises to pay back the rest. However, not all is fine in the Kmetko household. Chloe is supposedly starting a new job (who knows where), but the electricity went out and her brother Brian is dealing with seizure syptoms. She goes to get his medicine refilled from the pharmacy, but is told insurance doesn’t cover it anymore. Not knowing what to do, she takes the pills and runs off. This moment was just so sad. Emily was desperate. She is clearly not the type to steal anything. Her morals (unlike some others on the show — ahem, Lauren) are admirable, and she’s a very hard worker. I can’t imagine having to make that choice. At the end of the episode, the cops come and arrest her. How will this impact her place on the National team? Will bitchy Ellen Beals find out about this? Who will bail her out? Emily has more than proved herself to be worthy of a place on the National team and a scholarship, but what will happen now?

Back at The Rock, Payson is still training to become an artistic gymnast. Payson is practicing her artistic dance moves, Sasha said she’s not quite there yet. He brings her outside to paint a canvas with her dance moves, asks her to channel her emotions. On her second try, she paints this beautiful canvas. I absolutely loved seeing Ayla dance again, because I know she has extensive ballet training and it’s so nice to see. Later, Payson is back in the gym practicing. Sasha wants to tell a story, asks her to think of her favorite story. Her favorite story is Romeo and Juliet, and he tells her to pretend she’s Juliet. Later that night, Summer and Sasha are on a date outside The Rock. Summer finds a Christianity book in his trailer and is of course, instantly won over. Payson walks in on their date to brings Sasha food. What a sweet crush. I also love seeing Summer and Sasha together. But the most shocking moment of the entire episode comes when Payson is showing him her routine the next day while she is attempting to be Juliet. She completely nails it, and tells him he inspires her. Out of the blue, she kisseshim. I GASPED. Seriously, I gasped out loud. I understand Payson has hormones and it’s natural to get attracted to someone in a position of power like a coach. Also, Neil Jackson, who plays Sasha is quite amazing to look at, this was just very surprising. I’m sure Payson surprised herself given the fact that she runs off after this. In the previews for the next episode, a picture of them kissing was circulating around, which is obviously not a good thing. I hope that this mini scandal can blow over quickly, but I’m not sure if it will. There’s also some controversy surrounding Kim Keeler challenging Steve Tanner for President of the parents board. Payson’s parents disagree about Kim running. Mark thinks she won’t be neutral after that. Payson thinks her mom should run so she can win and they can save the gym and Sasha. Eventually, Mark gives her the go ahead to run. Go Kim! Keep out shady Steve Tanner.

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ADVANCE REVIEW: Series Premiere of Melissa and Joey

August 17th, 2010

Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence are back on my TV? I must be dreaming, right? Quite amazingly, ABC Family has brought together two of my favorite actors from my youth and put them together to star in a sitcom. Melissa Joan Hart plays Mel, Congresswoman extraordinaire whose sister went to prison and now she has to take care of her niece and nephew. Joey Lawrence plays a guy who crashes one of her press conferences, and then crashes into her life. He’s an unemployed former commodities broker who becomes her “manny.” Sounds a bit familiar right? Who’s The Boss (another childhood favorite) had a very similar plot, but I am totally in favor of a reboot. Plus Mel is a lot more likeable than Angela, and so far I haven’t seen a nosy mother like Mona. But I digress.

Melissa and Joey is a throwback to the sitcoms I know and love. Sitcoms are what solidified my love for TV, and they have changed so much in the last ten years or so. I think Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence are charming and have great chemistry. And neither of them look like they’ve aged one bit. I think the concept and plot work, and the laugh track is unobtrusive. ABC Family has a really good track record of making quality hits and I think Melissa and Joey will fit right into their lineup. In fact, I think a lot of viewers will be the ones who grew up with these actors just like me. Melissa’s acting is genuine and I can’t wait to see where the relationships go with her niece and nephew. Joey Lawrence is very funny, and I keep waiting for him to bust out a “whoa!” I would probably jump for joy.

The show reminds me of my youth and is a very fun way to spend a half hour. I remember I was a bit skeptical about Huge at first and it got really, really good. I feel like this show has the same potential. Pilots are very rarely the best episode of the series, but I really enjoyed this one. Perhaps we can see a cameo of one of Sabrina’s aunts? Or a Lawrence brother make an appearance? Whatever the future holds for Melissa and Joey, I am very happy to see both of them back on my TV again.

Melissa and Joey premieres tonight at 8 PM on ABC Family. Be sure to tune in!