Entries from October 2011

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Josh Charles (Will Gardner) from The Good Wife

October 31st, 2011


The Good Wife is one of my absolute favorite shows on television right now. I love the way they are able to shed the procedural mold and focus on the cases and the characters. I also think the show chooses cases that are interesting and culturally relevant. I recently had the chance to talk to Josh Charles (who plays the super great Will Gardner) at an event for Human Rights First, where he was presenting the Sydney Lumet Award to show creators Robert and Michelle King for the show’s coverage of various human rights issues. We talked about what it means to present the Lumet award, how human rights factors into The Good Wife, and of course, Will and Alicia (my favorite relationship on the show).

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REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “Ghost World”

October 28th, 2011

Ghost World

E here, back for some more The Vampire Diaries…this time with “Ghost World.” I really enjoyed this episode because I simply love when past characters are brought back (from the dead).

We begin with Damon all chained up (as he should be…I mean, what? Never mind.) And stabbed. He thinks Stefan did it, but it wasn’t Stefan. It was a ghostly Mason who we can’t see (yet). Stefan does un-stabify him though (coined that phrase, like it?). But, he leaves him in the chains. Mason then opens the shades and suns him (he’d already taken his superhero ring off).

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REVIEW: The Secret Circle “Masked”

October 28th, 2011


It’s Halloween in Chance Harbor! Time to break out your witch costumes! I love a good Halloween themed episode of TV and this week’s episode of Secret Circle didn’t disappoint!

Poor Luke
We barely knew ye. Such pretty hair, yet so little talent as a witch hunter. I love a good death scene as much as the next person, and Luke’s was pretty awesome. Who doesn’t want to set a person on fire with their brain?! Award yourself one point if you saw Luke’s reveal as a witch hunter coming. I certainly didn’t! Back in Luke’s first episode (3? 4? I don’t remember which it was…) I expected him to pop up as a recurring love interest for Cassie, but I have to say I much prefer this version of events.

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ADVANCE REVIEW: Parks and Recreation “Meet ‘n Greet”

October 27th, 2011


This week has been all about Halloween episodes from some of my favorite comedies. Happy Endings had a great one last night and tonight is another one of my favorite Halloween episodes from Parks and Recreation (one of my favorite comedies on TV right now). “Meet ‘n Greet” and it focuses on Leslie’s campaign for City Council and Andy and April’s Halloween Party. Leslie decides to hold a meet and greet for small business owners to get them to vote for her. Of course, Tom’s hilarious company “Entertainment 720″ takes over the entire thing (think: rugs with Aziz Ansari’s face on them!) There’s also an absolutely hilarious scene that involves a mobile hot tub, but I don’t want to spoil too much. Just prepare to laugh a ton. But even though Tom takes over, Leslie isn’t one to back down. She wants to win the voters over in order to win the election.

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ADVANCE REVIEW: Once Upon A Time “Pilot”

October 23rd, 2011


We’ve all heard the story of Snow White and Prince Charming, but never quite like this. “Once Upon A Time” starts out with the wedding between Snow White (played by the absolutely amazing Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (played by Josh Dallas). But not all is great in fairy tale land. The evil queen (played by Lana Parilla) brings news of an evil curse she is going to bestow upon the entire city. A bit later, Snow White is pregnant and the curse is coming quickly and furiously. Snow White goes to see the crazy and locked up Rumplestiltskin (played brilliantly by Robert Carlyle) for advice and he demands the name of her first born (Emma). Meanwhile, Gepetto and Pinocchio (remember them?) build a vessel so that one person can escape the curse. It’s supposed to be Snow and her unborn daughter but she has the baby before the vessel is finished. Let’s go to modern day, shall we?

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REVIEW: The Secret Circle “Wake”

October 22nd, 2011


Booze, witch hunters, and love written in the stars. Sounds like the perfect combination for an entertaining hour of television. Sadly, this week’s Secret Circle didn’t deliver.

Nick’s been dead for two days and we already have our newest circle member. Things sure do move fast in Chance Harbor. We all wondered after last week’s deadly episode what would happen to the circle without their sixth member. The answer? Nick’s more damaged, more attractive older brother. Can anyone else imagine executives at the CW discussing casting Jake versus casting Nick and saying, “Yes, we like the idea of Jake…but this time make him blonde?” Chris Zylka certainly fits into the CW mold.

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REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

October 21st, 2011

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Hot damn guys, I love this show so much. Just when I think, yeah, The Vampire Diaries is awesome, it goes ahead and gets a little more awesome. And “Smells Like Teen Spirit” proved that 10 times over.

We start with Elena in bed (we start that way a lot, I sort of like it as a plot device). Alarm goes off early because school sucks, and they make you show up at a ridiculous time. She puts her makeup on her bite and greets Alaric in the hallway. Hey, look, now she’s doing some slayer training before school with Alaric as her teacher/watcher/inappropriate but awesome guardian. She does some moves, and Alaric tells her she’s not strong enough, but then gives her a ‘you can do it’ pep talk.

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ADVANCE REVIEW: Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode “The First Secret”

October 19th, 2011


Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars is a prequel. It’s a full hour where Alison is alive, where Jenna can see and where the girls are ruling the school. I couldn’t get enough of this flashback episode, and to be honest, I hope they do another one. “The First Secret” takes place on Halloween, and the girls gear up for Noel Kahn’s big party. Before the party, Alison meets new girl Jenna, who seems like she might have been the first girl to ever challenge Ali. Ali is still up to her manipulative and mean girl ways, but in this prequel, we learn there’s a lot more to Ali than we knew.

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INTERVIEW: Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) from Pretty Little Liars

October 18th, 2011


Tomorrow night is the big prequel Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars. I have been missing this show on my weekly TV lineup, so I am very excited it’s back. I will post an Advance Review tomorrow, but I will say that the episode is fantastic. I think Alison is such a critical part of the story and I have been wanting an entire prequel episode for a while. The Halloween episode delivers in a big way. It’s dramatic, scary and answers a lot of questions. I recently had the chance to talk to Sasha Pieterse (who plays Alison) about the episode, what we are going to learn about Ali that we didn’t know before, and that pesky A.

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REVIEW: The Secret Circle “Slither”

October 14th, 2011


Wow, I can honestly say I didn’t see that ending coming. What a bold choice to make in the 5th episode of a first season! If this is a sign of the kind of awesome twists and edge of our seats episodes that we can expect for the rest of the season then I’m 100% on board! Before I continue, let’s all take a moment to say a thank you to the TV gods over at the CW for giving Secret Circle a full season pickup.

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