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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Molly Tarlov (Sadie), Beau Mirchoff (Matty) and Brett Davern (Jake) from Awkward

June 28th, 2012


Awkward is back tonight and it is just as amazing as ever! The premiere features a choice Jenna has to make about her feelings for Matty and Jake. And Sadie is back and better than ever, with a scene that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. How will the big love triangle play out? Will Sadie get a new love interest? I recently had the chance to talk to Molly Tarlov (Sadie), Beau Mirchoff (Matty) and Brett Davern (Jake) about what’s coming up in season two, what has been their favorite moment to shoot so far and of course, I had to ask about Molly’s favorite upcoming one-liner. Also Molly shares something hilarious (and very Awkward-like) from her own high school experience.

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ADVANCE REVIEW: Season 2 Premiere of Awkward

June 27th, 2012


I have sung the praises of Awkward ever since the fateful day last year when my good friend told me it was amazing and I had to watch. And watch I did. And so did other critics and writers and it became MTV’s new hilarious hit. The show coined such phrases as “DTR” (define the relationship) and “skitch” (skanky bitch) and who wouldn’t love a show where the queen bee has a one-liner like this: “If you would just admit your parents are cousins, people would stop making fun of your learning disability. Thank you.” But hilarious one-liners are just the tip of the iceberg. Jenna’s journey through season one starts with what looked like an attempted suicide but was really just a crazy accident. But to everyone in school, she was the suicide girl. Her inner monologue takes us through the depths of high school and all the genuinely awkward, awful, lovely, crazy moments high school is about.

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Q&A: Kelly Bishop (Fanny) from Bunheads

June 18th, 2012


Bunheads is back with an all new episode tonight and I am pretty excited about it. How is the town of Paradise going to deal with Hubbel’s death? Will it bring Fanny and Michelle closer together? And will the Bunheads rock the Joffrey audition? I recently had the chance to talk to Kelly Bishop (Fanny, but you know her as Emily Gilmore) on a media call. She shared her insight about the world of professional dance (and theater), why Gilmore Girls fans will enjoy Bunheads and what we can expect coming up.

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Sutton Foster (Michelle) from Bunheads

June 11th, 2012


You know I have sung the praises of Bunheads on the site. It premieres tonight at 9 PM on ABC Family and it is charming and lovely and features all the things you loved about Gilmore Girls. Side Note: I miss Gilmore Girls! Anyway, I highly suggest you tune in. I recently had the chance to speak to the absolutely amazing and ridiculously talented Sutton Foster about her new role (Michelle), her love of Gilmore Girls, what she thought of Jonathan Groff’s tribute to her and much more.

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INTERVIEW: Kaitlyn Jenkins (Bettina “Boo”) from Bunheads

June 11th, 2012


Bunheads premieres tonight and it is pretty fantastic. It seems like just yesterday (it was so long ago!) that I was losing myself in the fast-talking world of Rory and Lorelai, and wishing I lived in Stars Hollow. Of course, I’m talking about Gilmore Girls, and now Amy Sherman-Palladino is back with a new offering. Bunheads is about the world of dance mixed in with a displaced Vegas showgirl (who is trained in ballet, of course). It has all the fast-talking you love with a ton of heart. Sutton Foster stars as Michelle (the aforementioned showgirl) alongside Kelly Bishop (who plays Fanny, her new mother in law) and you will quickly fall in love with this new (albeit maybe a little familiar) mother/daughter story. But it’s about so much more! Michelle also finds herself involved with the “bunheads,” the girls who train at Fanny’s dance studio. Kaitlyn Jenkins plays Boo, who had a stand out performance in the premiere. Boo is sort of the odd girl out but bonds with Michelle in a great way. I recently had the chance to talk to Kaitlyn about her new role, dance training and why you should tune in to the show.

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GIVEAWAY: Suits Prize Pack – CLOSED

June 11th, 2012


Suits returns Thursday night to USA Network at 10 PM, and I cannot wait. The premiere episode focuses on trust — can Harvey and Mike trust each other? What about evil Louis? And Jessica? There are some very interesting developments with the partner (Hardman) who might come back and Harvey goes to bat for Mike in a very big way. Suits is such a brilliantly written show. I am constantly impressed by how clever and fun it is. So I’m excited to offer this great giveaway that highlights the new partnership between the show and classy online retailer Mr. Porter. Keep reading to see how you can enter to win!

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Five Things To Know About Season Five of True Blood

June 10th, 2012


True Blood is back tonight, and to be quite honest, going into this season, I wasn’t super excited. The show went a little too off the wall for me last season with all the witch stuff and Jesus/Lafayette. I was hoping season five would turn things around and I’m happy to report, it did! I have seen the first four episodes, and while not necessarily up to the season one and two True Blood standards, they were very solid episodes that set up some great things for the rest of the season. But I can’t spoil too much! What I can tell you is five things (thought that was a fitting number) to look forward to in season five.

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Q&A: Sutton Foster (Michelle) from Bunheads

June 8th, 2012


Bunheads, a new ABC Family show from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, premieres on Monday night. Broadway star Sutton Foster headlines as a classically trained turned Vegas dancer, Michelle, who drunkenly elopes a super sweet (if not a little dopey) guy. Suddenly, she finds herself thrust into this new life with Hubbel (the aforementioned guy) and his mother Fanny (played by the amazing Kelly Bishop) and a small town that knows everything about everyone. Will a loveless marriage and an overbearing mother in law drive Michelle crazy? It just so happens that she stumbles upon Fanny’s dance studio…and meets some young bunheads. My fabulous writer Rachel had the chance to chat with Sutton Foster on a media call about the differences between stage and screen, working with young dancers and why Gilmore Girls fans will love the show.

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FROM THE SET: INTERVIEW: Callie Thorne (Dr. Dani) from Necessary Roughness

June 6th, 2012

Necessary Roughness - Season 2

Necessary Roughness returns tonight to USA Network and the premiere is fantastic. Obviously, we are all wondering what is going to happen with Dr. Dani and Matt (I hate the word ‘ship, but I love these two together), what TK is up to this season and what about the new divorce? I can tell you this, the premiere does not disappoint. I recently had the chance to visit the set of Necessary Roughness, where the super talented Callie Thorne (Dr. Dani) talked about Dr. Dani’s relationship with TK, new sports that will be introduced into the Necessary Roughness world and what insights she’s gotten from the real Dr. Dani.

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