5 Things to know about tonight’s Arrow “The Odyssey”

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The Odyssey

Arrow has been so consistently fantastic in its freshman season, and I am so excited it’s been picked up for a season two. I have especially loved the increased role of Felicity Smoak (played by the super talented newcomer Emily Bett Rickards). And good news for all the Felicity Smoak fans out there, she has been promoted to series regular for season two! But I digress. Tonight’s episode, “The Odyssey,” is about a piece of Oliver’s journey, like the title would suggest. Oliver is shot (as all the previews imply, so no big spoilers here) and he is unconscious for most of the episode (and shirtless, if you know, bloody gunshot wounds are your thing), which makes for an interesting look into his psyche.

  1. Flashbacks: Unlike most of the other episodes of Arrow this season, The Odyssey is told almost exclusively through flashbacks. We see a time on the island when the hope of escape was alive, and Oliver saves the day (in a very big and unexpected way). This isn’t to say we see how he gets off the island (I anticipate that will come much later in the series), but we do see some hope. In the flashbacks, we also see how far Oliver has come from his time on the island (just learning how to fight and survive) until now.
  2. Felicity Smoak: I love Felicity Smoak. Love, love, love. Ever since this blonde nerdy IT bombshell came onto the show, I wanted more of her. Her interactions with Oliver are great (and let’s face it, we all maybe ‘ship the two of them a little bit) and she’s just such a fun character. In tonight’s episode, Felicity finds out that Oliver Queen is in fact Arrow, the vigilante. She finds out a lot more, too, and let’s just say, she would have probably been the next to find out Oliver’s secret identity because she had already been suspicious. As she so aptly states in tonight’s episode, “I might be blonde, but I’m not that blonde.” But will she be quick to join the scooby gang? You’ll have to watch tonight to find out. Tonight’s episode features primarily scenes between Felicity and Diggle, and I hope more episodes in the future focus on her.
  3. Island Survival: Oliver started out as a shipwrecked heir, with no clue how to survive on an island. But Oliver gets lucky, and forges new friendships. One friend in particular teaches him how to fight. Just how much does friendship vs. survival mean to Oliver? What matters more — loyalty or escape? We’ll see the answer in tonight’s episode.
  4. Is Moira Queen good or bad? This question is going to inevitably be a series-long question, but we get to the heart of it in tonight’s episode. First of all, Moira shoots Arrow (who she doesn’t know is her own son, obviously) but there is a poignant moment when Oliver/Arrow decides not to injure Moira. But she might just be a master manipulator, and it doesn’t mean she isn’t in on some crazy elaborate yacht-sinking plot we don’t know about yet. I think Moira is a character who might just be misguided. However, only time will tell.
  5. Diggle to the rescue: As I mentioned before, most of the episode is between Diggle and Felicity, while Oliver lies unconscious (shirtless ahem) and recovering. Diggle saves Oliver (on more than one occasion) and we also get to learn a bit more about his decision to join the vigilante team. I loved seeing the Diggle and Felicity relationship unfold and I would enjoy seeing more of them together.

Be sure to tune in tonight at 8 PM to the CW for an all new episode of Arrow.

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