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The Brilliant, Brutal, Beautiful World of Breaking Bad

August 8th, 2013


To challenge conventions. To defy authority. To break bad. Creator Vince Gilligan couldn’t have picked a better title for a series that does just that. Walter White (the series’ lead character) isn’t the first anti-hero portrayed on television nor will he be the last. In fact, featuring an anti-hero as the lead character on a television series is something of a trend these days. So what is it that makes the story of Walt unique? It’s honestly hard to put into words the answer to that question. Breaking Bad is so chock full of goodness that I would have to write an 100 page piece to accurately touch on everything the show has done right. Breaking Bad strays from the conventional and completely reverses the traditional storytelling evolution from good to bad as we follow Walt’s transition from his mundane life as a family man and high school chemistry teacher to a full blown meth producer and drug dealer. The show is brilliant, poetic, edgy, and fun. And if you’re not watching it, you’re seriously missing out. To properly explain why, let’s start at the beginning.

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DEXTER: Countdown to the Bloody End – Season 7 & Predictions for Season 8

June 30th, 2013


Season 7: The Koshka Brotherhood

Season 7 begins immediately after the most anticipated moment of the series has occurred. Having just witnessed her brother murder Travis Marshall, Deb is dumbfounded. She immediately bombards him with questions. Dexter initially tells her that it was self-defense but, unfortunately for him, Deb is a better detective than that. She observes that Travis is tied to the table, naked, and wrapped in plastic. And that Dexter is wearing a smock and rubber gloves. If it wasn’t planned, she asks, why is he wrapped up like that? And why are you wearing rubber gloves? Dexter, knowing he’s been caught, confesses a bit more.

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DEXTER: Countdown to the Bloody End – Seasons 5 & 6

June 30th, 2013


Today’s the day, Dexter fans! The end begins tonight when Dexter’s final season premieres at 9 PM on Showtime. Kicking our countdown into high gear, I will be posting two separate pieces today. Season five and six follow below. Season seven and my predictions and expectations for the eighth and final season will be posted around 8pm ET to make sure the events of last season are fresh in your mind for the premiere. Let the final countdown begin!

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DEXTER: Countdown to the Bloody End – Seasons 3 & 4

June 29th, 2013


Season 3: The Skinner

After two fantastic seasons, I felt cautiously optimistic about Dexter’s third. While it’s nearly impossible to remain in the honeymoon stage with a new show, Dexter had done a killer (pun intended) job so far. But as with every relationship, you start to see the cracks at some point and, for me, that began with the third season. While there are new complications that arise and give us an introduction to a side of Dexter we haven’t seen before, it’s still much of the same. Dexter sticks to the formula that has been working for the past two seasons: one “big bad” that is being hunted over the course of the season and is taken down in the season finale (usually by Dexter). That being said, although not as captivating as seasons one and two, the formula still works here and I feel fulfilled with the way the storyline progresses.

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DEXTER: Countdown to the Bloody End – Seasons 1 and 2

June 27th, 2013


Break out the bloody cupcakes and the creepy, well manicured doll parts, Dexter fans. We’re only a few days away from the last Dexter premiere we’ll ever see. For better or worse, Dexter has been a part of our lives for the past seven years and, in a few short months, we will have to say goodbye. No more dirty Masuka jokes and blood slide collections. No more f-bombs from Debra and doomed, plastic-wrapped naked bodies. Whether you are relieved the series is finally ending or sad to see it go, the past seven years have been a rollercoaster ride with lots of exhilarating highs and some scraping-the-bottom lows. To gear up for the final season, and provide a refresher on the past seven seasons, I will be posting a recap of each of the previous seasons of bloody goodness (and not-so-goodness) along with my thoughts on that particular season in the coming days before the finale. The seventh season recap and some thoughts on what I’d like to see in the final season will be posted on the premiere date, this Sunday June 30th. With that, let’s dive into our crash course on the past happenings in the life of our favorite serial killer.

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Pure unadulterated friendship: A love letter to New Girl

May 6th, 2013

New Girl Image 1

Before I begin, I have a few confessions to make. Confession number one: this is my first post of any kind ever. I’m a blogging newbie. So please be patient with me as I attempt to flesh out the many thoughts floating around in my head into one cohesive piece. Confession number two: Not only am I a blogging newbie, I’m also a New Girl newbie. I avoided the show like the plague due to an unidentifiable qualm with Zooey Deschanel. Maybe I was intimidated by her intense blue eyes and in-your-face “adorkableness.” Or maybe I just saw that damn “Is that rain?” iPhone commercial one too many times. (Oh Zooey. It’s obviously raining!) Something about her rubbed me the wrong way and, because of that, I scoffed at all of the critics who insisted the show was brilliantly funny and Deschanel actually made the adorkable thing work. Confession number three: I finally caved and watched an episode in late January. I’m not sure what made me give in on that fateful evening. Perhaps it was the post-holiday, mid-winter depression that was setting in. Perhaps it was the increasing adoration from critics I respected that plastered my Twitter feed every Tuesday. Or maybe I was just looking for something to fill the void that the too-soon Parenthood finale left in my TV-loving heart. Whatever the reason was, I turned on the TV at 9pm on January 29th and watched my very first episode of New Girl. January 29th. Card-carrying members of the Nick and Jess fan club may recognize that date. That’s right; the first episode I watched was “Cooler.”

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March 13th, 2013

Y9jXd3z - Imgur

During Monday’s meeting of Nick/Jess Shippers Anonymous (aka this year’s PaleyFest event), that kiss was a hot topic of discussion. BUT SERIOUSLY, HOW HOT WAS THAT KISS?! Ba-dum chhh. I’ll show myself out…

Before I get into last night’s event, I need to confess something: I didn’t like New Girl in its first season. It wasn’t a bad show, but a deeply flawed one. They didn’t know how to tone down Jess’ annoying quirks, or how to make Schmidt more than a one-note joke, or have any idea what the hell to do with Winston. But somewhere between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2, creator Liz Meriwether and her talented group of writers figured it out. Not only did they figure it out, halfway through this season they knocked out of the damn park.

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PALEYFEST: Top 10 Moments From Nashville

March 10th, 2013


On March 9, 2013 the cast and creators of ABC’s hit show, Nashville, gathered in Beverly Hills for their first visit to Paley Fest. Couldn’t be there? Don’t worry, just throw on your Nashville soundtrack, relax, and check out the top 10 things you missed below!

10. Everyone loves T-Bone Burnett. Seriously, everyone. Chip Esten, Connie Britton, and Hayden Panettiere all stated that he’s helped them find their characters’ voices and is a source of comfort for them in the recording studio.

9. Chip Esten is a Friday Night Lights fan. “”There are a thousand reasons I want to do this and you are a couple hundred of them” – Chip to Connie about why he was so excited to land a role on Nashville. Clear eyes, full hearts…

8. Connie Britton’s hair has a great reputation. This isn’t exactly new information to those of us who love Britton from FNL, but who knew Callie Khouri was on this bandwagon with us?! “I wanted Connie from the beginning. I had no idea if she could sing or not but I knew she had the hair!” [Ed. Note: Both Sarah and Alix agree that #1-#10 of this list should really have been all about Connie Britton’s flawless hair.]

7. Sam Palladio knows how to tap dance. Palladio let slip that his mother put him in tap dance (and singing) lessons as a child. Money well spent, Mrs. Palladio! Also, Nashville was his first audition for an American TV show (A fact that Alix learned in her Q&A with Palladio back in January. If you missed it the first time around, go back and check it out. There’s some great stuff in there!)

6. The show has been embraced by the music community. Callie Khouri and the rest of the cast all shared stories about how the community in Nashville have been so supportive of the show and appreciative of how accurate their portrayal is. Jason Aldean even stopped Chip Esten in the airport to tell him he likes the show.

5. Scarlett/Gunnar: Romance? Record deal? Clare Bowen shares that Gunnar is completely broken after learning about the death of his brother, but that Scarlett isn’t the type to walk away. On the professional side, a fan asks when Rayna and Juliette are going to start fighting over who gets to sign Scarlett and Gunnar. Connie: “As far as I know, Juliette doesn’t have a label!”

4. The carcasses of Juliette’s failed relationships. Hayden shared that Jay Hernandez (who plays Dante) refers to Juliette’s old boyfriends as carcasses. And guess what? It looks like there’s gonna be a new body added to the pile. Juliette’s getting another love interest!

3. Concert tour? Esten lets slip that there have been discussions about a potential concert tour, but nothing is set in stone.

2. Will Rayna and Deacon happen?? Esten believes that Rayna is “the one” for Deacon, but reminds us that that doesn’t mean it’s going to work out well for the two of them.

1. SPOILERS. Those in attendance were lucky enough to see the first 5 minutes of the next new episode. Deacon sings to his new puppy, there’s some fallout from Scarlett/Gunnar’s hook up, and Rayna takes a step forward in her life.

Be sure to check out the full panel on Hulu!

PALEYFEST: Top Ten Things We Learned from Parenthood

March 8th, 2013


On Thursday, March 7, 2013, a few hundred TV fans joined together at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills to cry over how amazing Parenthood is. No seriously, NBC passed out Kleenex packs as we entered the building that read “We need never be ashamed of our tears”; it’s a Charles Dickens quote, but it’s also the most apt description of the Parenthood viewing experience I’ve ever read. Check out the list below for 10 things we learned from the panel!

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Sarah’s Snap Shots: Jill Flint Edition

October 29th, 2012


Jill Flint is one of my favorite actresses and most people have no clue who she is…except for the random old people like my mother who love Royal Pains and could probably identify her on sight but still not know her name. Mark my words, Jill Flint is going to be a star one day*. If you aren’t too familiar with her work, go check out her IDMB. Do some googling, YouTube-ing even. If you watch a show that’s shot in New York, there’s a very good chance that Jill Flint has appeared at one point. As we creep closer to pilot season, I can only hope that this is the year that someone finally casts her as the lead of her own show. Until then, I’m cool with her sticking around on The Good Wife.

*Star of her own TV show. I make no predictions about the success or failure of her movie career. Her turn as a receptionist in The Amazing Spider-Man probably didn’t do much to further that aspect of her career.

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