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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

October 27th, 2014


Right in time for Halloween, I had the chance to attend Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. All of their scary mazes (and rides) are TV and movie related, and it was a great time. Check out some info below as well as more on my experience.

Here’s some info on this year’s programs: Halloween Horror Nights 2014 at Universal Studios Hollywood becomes “More Dead Than Ever,” bringing together the sickest minds in horror to immerse guests in a living, breathing, three-dimensional world of terror. Featuring an all-new slate of unrivaled film production quality mazes, frightful scare zones and a fully re-imagined “Terror Tram” experience uniquely themed to today’s most definitive horror properties, “Halloween Horror Nights” will taunt, terrorize and torment guests with spine-chilling haunted attractions during Southern California’s most extreme Halloween experience.

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REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Valar Dohaeris” and “Dark Wings, Dark Words”

April 8th, 2013

Margaery and Joffrey enjoy some quality time together.

It’s only been two weeks, but it’s clear that this season of Game of Thrones is going to blow all of our minds (and how depressing is it to think that it’s already 20% over?! Excuse me while I go panic about how I’m going to survive the long hiatus in 2 months). Dark Wings, Dark Words had everything I love about this show: political power plays, sword fighting, and direwolves. Last week’s premiere focused heavily on Jon, Daenerys, Sansa, & Catelyn, so this week we got to check in on Arya, Bran, Theon and Jaime for the first time.

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REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “Stand By Me”

February 22nd, 2013


Peeps, I don’t know. I just don’t know. I kind of think this show is just getting too sad. Is that a thing? It’s got to be because seriously, it’s just too much. ‘Stand By Me’ is our latest episode of TVD, and as you may have guessed…it’s sad. Not even tear inducing though, just sort of numb sad.

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REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “Down The Rabbit Hole”

February 15th, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole

‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ is our latest episode of TVD, and I’d say the ending theme song should be “My doppelganger is back, and there’s gonna be trouble (hey now, hey now…my doppelganger is back).” You know where this is going obvs.

So, like last week, our players are all in the same places. Klaus, Caroline, and Tyler are still in Mystic Falls. Bonnie, Jeremy, and the Professor are closest in the race to the Silas situation. Damon is with the other hunter, Galen. Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena are a tenuous little crew (that lasts about .7 seconds). There also is some other mystery person on the island. Gee, I wonder who it could be?!

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REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “Into the Wild”

February 8th, 2013


Yo peeps, ‘Into the Wild’ is our most recent episode of TVD. And I think it was good, really good.

The majority of this episode is sort of like a vampire-esque LOST situation. Meaning, they’re on an island. And peeps need to learn to live together or they’ll die alone. Heavy. So, the Professor is leading the gang to where the cure/Silas is. The gang includes Damon, Stefan, Rebekah, Elena, Bonnie, and Jeremy. Rebekah sees a use for everyone except for Elena…Damon’s use is his nice behind obvs. We finally also find out the heart of the Professor’s story. He apparently went on a quest for this place last year where he saw his dead witch wife (who died when she was trying to bring their son back to life) in the Silas well area. She’s the one who gave him all the info he needed for this raising Silas business. He really didn’t want to do it because of all the bloodshed and all, but she used her dead lady wiles and convinced him.

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REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “A View to a Kill”

February 1st, 2013

A View to a Kill

Hey peeps! Sorry I was out last week; I was feeling like the grossness. Last week was good ya’ll though. I mean, really, this alone: “You don’t know what I look like when I don’t love you.” Hot dang, those are some words. In any case, TVD is new again this week with ‘A View to a Kill.’

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REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “After School Special”

January 18th, 2013


Hey all, TVD is new again with ‘After School Special.’ The TV Chick liked my to the point summary last time, so we’ll stick with that.

Our main storyline tonight is…Rebekah is back! And guys, she is mad. Like really mad. And she wants everyone to pay for it. She has a little minion, April. (Guys, seriously. April is the worst). Rebekah is holding Elena, Caroline, and Stefan hostage in the library and compelling them to tell the truth. It’s pretty awful. Elena told Stefan about all her feeeeelings for Damon and how she’s fo sho not in love with Stefan anymore. Caroline is appropriately outraged.

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INTERVIEW: Emma Dumont (Melanie) from Bunheads

January 4th, 2013


I am excited all my ABC Family shows are coming back in a matter of days! Bunheads returns on Monday and from what I hear, things are going to be a bit different in Paradise. A new Bunhead enters the picture (Jeanie Mason from “So You Think You Can Dance”), new love interests pop up and will Michelle finally commit to being a permanent resident of Paradise? I recently caught up with the girls of Bunheads, and Emma Dumont (who plays Melanie) previewed the big premiere, an upcoming fight with Ginny and a possibly love interest for her character.

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REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “O Come, All Ye Faithful”

December 14th, 2012

O Come, All Ye Faithful

Hey peeps – TVD is all new with their mid-season finale – “O Come, All Ye Faithful.” FULL DISCLOSURE: I watched tonight’s episode with a friend that has never seen The Vampire Diaries and doesn’t own a TV. Let’s just say she’s working though Frasier on Netflix right now. So, I missed things yo. Because of that, I’m going to do a shorter summary this evening lest I get things really wrong from not hearing everything as I shouted Vampire! Human! Witch! Hybrid! every time someone came on the screen so she’d get the gist. The good news is we don’t need to deal with GfAW anymore after tonight.

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REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “We Always Have Bourbon Street”

December 7th, 2012


E here again for some more TVD – this week’s episode is “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street.”

Damon and Elena are making out, and she is late to school! Bad seed man. Remember when Elena used to be into being a good girl? I sort of miss that.

Stefan and Caroline are discussing the siring situation and debating whether that’s the deal or not. This is cross cut with Elena and Damon having a morning quickie in which she scratches his back until he bleeds. Yikes, seriously, good girl gone bad.

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