Exclusive Interview Series: Josie Loren (Kaylie Cruz) of Make It Or Break It

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I recently got a chance to sit down with the four stars of Make It Or Break It, and chat about their characters, the drama and what we might see in the rest of the season. Here is the fourth and final part in the series (last but certainly not least)–my interview with Josie Loren, who plays Kaylie Cruz.

First of all, I have to say, I really love the show.
Oh good, I’m glad.

Tell us a little bit about Kaylie. She’s sort of the rebel of the group.
I know. It’s so funny because she is the rebel, but it’s not like she has this like terribly rebellious personality. She’s just crazy in love and will do some things that I guess are a bit out of character. She’s the only girl who kind of has—an internal conflict I guess. The other girls know pretty much what they want and they’re very determined. All three of them know that gymnastics is their life…they eat, sleep and breathe it. Kaylie’s kind of torn between wanting to be a gymnast and wanting to be just a normal, regular sixteen year old teenager. And you see her struggle with that all the time, which you don’t see from the other girls. Everybody has their own struggles but Kaylie’s are unique.

She has very overbearing parents.
Exactly. She has some parental issues. And that’s another thing that Kaylie’s going to have to struggle with. It’s going to come to the point where she has to make a choice and decide why she’s doing what she’s doing. She has to realize, is it for herself or is it for her parents. And make the choice of—this is what I want, or this is not what I want. Because as of right now, the episodes that you’ve seen—she’s kind of doing it for her father.

Kaylie especially likes to break the rules. How do you keep your character true to life?
Well, I think every teenager goes through their phases. Especially being sixteen, you have a lot of roles in your household, and you’re living with your parents, and you’re getting to that stage where you want to be more independent but you have so much holding you back and so there are times when you probably don’t make the best decisions like having your boyfriend sneak into your room (laughs). But I think everybody can relate to that I mean because I’m no longer a teenager but I remember wanting to rebel a little bit. Most of the time I definitely did not, I was a good kid, but you still have that desire to.

A lot is expected of elite gymnasts—did you talk to any before you started filming? Did you research gymnastics?
Oh definitely. The show had us working out with a personal trainer a month and a half before the show started and she was very knowledgeable about the world of gymnastics. We would watch so many Youtube videos of world class gymnasts, Olympic gymnasts, and then we were able to meet a lot of our doubles before we started shooting. And our doubles are these fantastic athletes. Some of them are like three time national champions, others have been in the Olympics. It’s just incredible what they’ve achieved and we got to speak to them and we learned a lot from them. We definitely did our research before.

Have you learned any gymnastics skills while you’ve been filming?

I was a gymnast when I was younger so I kind of…I was only really good at the floor though. But I was pretty comfortable on all the apparatuses. So I haven’t really learned anything new—past the basic stuff, and that I knew already. I knew the basics. I just got more comfortable.

What has been your favorite part of filming the show?
My favorite part of filming the show…I think would have to be, honestly, I know this sounds corny or cheesy but getting to work with my friends. We’ve all become such good friends. Not only the cast but the crew as well…getting up every morning and being able to go to work. It’s not even really work. I mean some days are harder than others, but just being able to come to work everyday with people you get along with so well. And we hang out after work and it’s just a lot of fun.

So can you give us a little teaser—what we might see from Kaylie in the rest of the season and in the 2nd season?
I’m really bad at giving a teaser without giving it away. Usually my teasers are pretty terrible. I will say that there is a twist as the season progresses with Kaylie. She (laughs) this is so hard—she steps it up and makes some decisions and stands up for herself.

Are we going to see more of the Carter/Kaylie/Lauren love triangle?

Yeah, you will see more of that. That will develop and grow for sure.

What are your favorite tv shows? What are your acting influences?
My favorite tv shows—to be honest, I don’t watch that much tv because I just don’t have time. I’m always on set, it’s so hard for me to catch anything. I’m really a fan of oldies though—I love Friends. I love putting in old Friends DVDs and watching them. I’m a huge fan of Sex and the City, Entourage as well I really, really like. And 30 Rock. I’m a huge fan of 30 Rock and Tina Fey.

Is there anything else you want to add about Kaylie or the show?
I don’t know. I guess just what I try to portray with Kaylie. Everybody has to find their own way, and Kaylie definitely makes her mistakes and she for a really long time, especially the episodes that have aired right now, her actions are based on other people. She doesn’t think about herself first. And I think that’s probably what I want to get across to the audience members—always do what’s in your best interest and be true to yourself. Make decisions that will make you happy, because only when you’re happy then can everyone else around you, enjoy you, and be happy themselves and we will see that later on in the season with Kaylie.

Thank you so much.
No problem.

Be sure to tune in tonight for a new episode of Make It Or Break It. Also, vote for them under the category of Summer TV for the Teen Choice Awards! I’m so excited they were picked up for another 10 episodes, and cannot wait to see what develops.

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