PALEYFEST: Top Ten Things We Learned from Parenthood

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On Thursday, March 7, 2013, a few hundred TV fans joined together at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills to cry over how amazing Parenthood is. No seriously, NBC passed out Kleenex packs as we entered the building that read “We need never be ashamed of our tears”; it’s a Charles Dickens quote, but it’s also the most apt description of the Parenthood viewing experience I’ve ever read. Check out the list below for 10 things we learned from the panel!

10. No word yet on Season 5. Even though the ratings mediocrity of NBC’s other shows makes season 5 almost a guarantee, there’s no official word yet on a renewal. Max Burkholder, unofficial cast spokesperson on the renewal, is crossing his fingers.

9. Mark or Hank? Lauren Graham couldn’t choose, so she let the room decide: Mark was a leader in the impromptu audience poll. No surprise there.

8. Dean, Jess, Logan – Sarah Braverman’s new love interests? Lauren Graham thinks that because Jason Ritter is romancing her former TV daughter, Alexis Bledel, in his new pilot that Sarah Braverman should get a shot at one of Rory’s former boyfriends. What’s Milo Ventimiglia up to these days?

7. Everyone wants Matt Lauria back. Especially Mae Whitman. She’s made it known to the writers/producers. A lot. Jason Katims seems to be leaning in that direction, and Whitman promised that she’ll make sure Matt Lauria is available.

6. More FNL cameos? Jason Katims stated that the writers often create characters and look for an actor “like Michael B. Jordan” or “like Matt Lauria” and then luck out when they’re available and willing to work on the show. Katims didn’t rule bringing in more FNL alums. Mae Whitman (along with every lady in the building) suggests Tim Riggins.

5. The Sociopath Test. PSA from the lovely Peter Krause: “If you tune into Parenthood and you don’t laugh a little bit and cry a little bit, you might be a sociopath”.

4. Family necklaces. Lauren Graham, Mae Whitman, and Miles Heizer all have matching necklaces. Adorable.

3. Drinking game. Everyone time someone cries, you take a shot? Everytime you cry, you take a shot? Monica Potter wasn’t too sure on the rules, but she still plays anyway. Let’s all band together over the hiatus and get a definitive set of rules so that we’re all prepared for next year.

2. “Get underneath the stories and tell them as real as possible” – Jason Katims’ perfect description of his show. The cast spent a little bit of time discussing each of the major issues that the characters have faced so far: cancer, adoption, abortion, autism, love, and more. Katims also hopes to find a way to write in a gay character next season.

1. Everyone cries. The cast cries just as much filming the show as we do watching. The writers cry, the actors cry; they even cry while editing the show.

If you want to check out the full panel, head on over to Hulu! Until this perfect show gets renewed, I’ll be over here re-watching old episodes and ranting about Monica Potter’s lack of love from the Emmys.

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