INTERVIEW: Ian Somerhalder (Damon) from The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries is finally back tomorrow night and it’s safe to say that Elena’s journey into vampire-dom is going to be the main focus of the season. But what about Damon’s journey? The guy has gone from bad-ass killer to caring vampire and back again, so what will the loss of his best friend do to him? And what about the love of his life now turning into a vampire? Let me set the scene for you. Comic Con in San Diego. The Vampire Diaries press room. Time is running out. The only person our small roundtable has not spoken with is Ian (Damon Salvatore himself). But neither has anyone else. So we all gather around one of these small tables to ask Ian questions. There were at least fifty of us. It was a sight to behold. But we got to ask him about the upcoming season of The Vampire Diaries, the loss of Alaric (Damon’s only real friend), Damon returning to his darker side and much more.

How is Damon’s relationship with Elena going to change now that she’s a vampire?
I think that the idea that, you know, listen, Elena, we know her to be this phenomenally solid human being and this amazing individual, this beacon of light, this sort of shepherd through the valley of darkness, but Damon and Stefan have these tendencies to be highly volatile, very, very, very unpredictable at times when they’re on a bender and they’re crazy. Who’s to say that when she turns into this vampire and goes through this transformation, that all of her, when her emotions are amplified a thousand ten-fold, that she’s not going to become this super volatile, unpredictable human being, or being, I should say. Not human being. And I think that she’s, the yin and the yang of it all, is that maybe the, obviously she chose Stefan, so I’m sure there’s some hot vamp sex that’s gonna happen there. And then when she gets tired of Stefan, who knows maybe, you know, she’ll come to Damon.

What is Damon’s reaction going to be to Stefan saving Matt over Elena?
He’s pissed. I mean, what an idiot. Seriously, why would you ever do that? I mean, she’s 18 years old, I’m not saying she can’t have her own thoughts and feelings and likes and dislikes and desires, but when someone’s 18 and they say they want to die, don’t let them.

After hearing from Elena that she chose Stefan, is Damon going to move on? Is he still going to be pining?
He’s not going to be pining. This is the season of no pine. This is an oak season, okay? I think that that’s a really great question because Season 2 and 3 he did everything they wanted him to do. He tried to be the person they wanted him to be. He tried to do it, and guess what? It didn’t work. None of it worked, and he’s basically saying now, “This is who I am. Like it or not…”, and for lack of better words, there’s no studio executives around, right? “Go fuck yourself. Seriously, if you don’t like who I am then you have no business being in my face, so get out of it.” And I think that this year, now he has this sort of sense of self-worth and saying, “You know what? I’ve been around a long time and you guys are a bunch of morons. And this is me”. I think it gives him enough play to say that she doesn’t want me, she simply doesn’t want me. But I think a really cool thing is that Elena is gonna be going through all these things that Damon and Stefan went through, so I think they’re also going to be able to relate to her and connect with her on a very interesting level where they for once really understand what she’s going through.

She’s also going to remember all of the things that he’s compelled her to forget.
Yeah, he knows that.

So how is he going to approach that she’s going to confront him about that?
I think that adds a very interesting layer, which is kind of like an ‘oh shit’ moment where it’s like, “wait, I did meet him!” and all he did was wish me the best. I hope you get everything you want out of life. It’s really tragic. It’s really sad. I mean, who knew? It’s too bad he didn’t have a DVR where he could have just fast-forwarded a little bit and then gone back, but life doesn’t work that way and we make decisions kind of in the moment.

Is it safe to say that with Damon’s new attitude that he’s gonna go back to his darker side?
Absolutely! Yeah, I mean, he’s just basically eaten it for two years, or I should say I have, and I’m excited to go back to that guy, which is the guy that I love playing. There’s a certain honesty to Damon. You know those people who come into your life and they say what everyone thinks but just doesn’t have the balls to say it? That’s Damon Salvatore. He just has the balls to say what you don’t.

There’s a new vampire hunter coming in. How much of a threat is he for Damon?
I think it’s gonna be a big problem.

How is Damon going to try to protect Elena from the vampire hunters?
You know what’s really funny? Imagine Elena coming to save one of the boys. It’s like “Hi-Ya!” (karate-chop noise). That’s a really cool thing. She went from being sort of a badass girl to a badass woman overnight, literally. It’s like that thing, “It takes ten years to become an overnight success”. It takes 66 episodes to become a vampire.

What is the loss of Alaric going to do to Damon in Season 4?
It’s so weird because life imitates art in many, many ways, and it’s really strange not having Matt Davis on set. I know he has his own show now, and he’s number 1 on the call sheet. He’s shooting in Vancouver. 13 episode season. Bastard! But it is weird not having him there, and we miss him. I think it’s not going to be easy for Damon. The loss of any great friend is not easy. I don’t think Damon is going to be any exception to that rule. They had a full-on bromance, and even though Damon was a complete asshole sometimes, this was his only friend in the world.

Now that Alaric is gone, is it going to be hard for Damon to let anyone in?
I think it’s gonna be a little difficult for him to let anyone in. He’s at that stage now where he’s just like, “Pshhh, you guys are a bunch of idiots. I was right. This is bullshit”. Seriously, I think he’s, yeah, it might take him a little while.

Do you think he’s gonna resent Matt?
Yeah, Matt’s gonna have a tough year.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 8 PM to the CW for the big season premiere of The Vampire Diaries.


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