INTERVIEW: Joseph Morgan (Klaus) from The Vampire Diaries previews tonight’s Big Mid-Season Finale

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Tonight is the big mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries, and from what I’m hearing, not everyone is going to survive the night. And from talking to Joseph Morgan (Klaus), not everyone is going to survive the season, either. When last we left Klaus, he was having a really nice moment with Caroline, and actually teasing her (and laughing) which was such a nice change of pace. What I think makes Klaus so interesting is how much the audience roots for a character who has done some truly evil things. When I spoke with Joseph Morgan, he talked about the Caroline/Klaus relationship and how it might develop, what to expect from tonight’s Christmas themed episode, the bromance with Stefan and so much more.

So in tonight’s episode, Klaus makes some sort of discovery, that’s going to raise the stakes.
I mean, you’re doing my job for me, yeah? (laughs) Klaus makes a discovery that raises the stakes. You’ve just given a really vague answer that heightens excitement and yet doesn’t say anything. That’s brilliant. Yes, it’s a holiday themed episode which I love. So there’s a Christmas element to it all, which I think is really great because nothing goes ever better than blood and snow. So yes, Klaus definitely does make a discovery and there seems to be a lot going on right under his nose that he’s been blissfully unaware of for a little while now, including this pending hybrid revolution. So I think in the tradition of all good mid-season finales, things are going to come to a bit of head in [tonight’s] episode. And he absolutely is going to require some retribution for all the sneaking around that’s been done.

That’s going to be very exciting.
It is going to be. I’m so excited to see it. It’s going to be brutal.

As all Mystic Falls Christmas episodes are… And can you talk a little bit about Klaus and Caroline? There are a lot of people rooting for them.
I know, right? It’s been crazy, the response to that, really. The last time we saw Klaus actually, he was telling Caroline the story about the hummingbird, about how the last time he ever wanted to be human. And so we shot a few scenes in [tonight’s] episode and the first scene that we have together, is at a charity event. And I remember this because the director was asking us to employ a sort of very playful cat and mouse element to the scene, which I really kind of enjoyed. You’ll see a lot of me approaching her and her kind of batting around the table and all of that kind of thing, which is quite fun indeed. But things get a little more heated and serious. And I don’t mean heated in the way people probably want, towards the end of the episode. The stakes are raised and information comes out, and Klaus is forced to take action, again that kind of might impede his progress of his wooing of Caroline. Every scene they have together has that dynamic on, and whether it’s good or bad, it’s giving them a history, which I think is all interesting.

Do you think if they were to eventually get together in some way, do you think Klaus could continue to be this big bad-ass that he is already.
Well that depends how much she’s willing to compromise, doesn’t it? If she was willing to come over to the dark side and get a little crazy, embrace her vampiric instincts, then I’m sure he could maintain that King of the Evil Tower status. But if she’s going to stay good and moral and compassionate like she is, then he would be the one who would have to compromise. But then I don’t think it would be possible. And I don’t think he’s much of a compromiser, to be honest with you. He comes across as a little stubborn, so I’m not sure how willing he would be to change in that way. But he certainly, in the coming episodes, after Christmas, he is willing to compromise a little, I would say. A little.

All in the name of love, right?
Yes, in the name of love, absolutely.

I’m hoping that Elijah and Rebekah will be back at some point. Can you talk about what we might expect upon their return? I know Klaus just tends to dagger Rebekah when he’s mad…
Yeah, I know. I latched onto this thing. I love the idea that he sort of, he is so at odds with Rebekah at the moment but he’s so protective over her. He has this kind of nobody daggers my sister but me thing going on, you know. And I like that. But the dynamic between the two of them is extremely complicated already and it will be more so when she comes back because of the betrayal. Because of him daggering her in that way after using her — getting Stefan to use her. I mean, he really played her like a violin. He went to work with the manipulation on that one, so yeah, she’s not going to happy about that. But they will be at odds. But always there’s kind of this underlying bond of love with the originals and I think that is what’s made them so popular in the show, because there is a sense of we can do these heinous, terrible thing sto each other, but nobody messes with us. And I like that idea about them. And then, with Elijah, I’m not sure what will happen when he comes back because we saw him in the flashbacks. The last he was in the show was when he left in season three and he wrote that letter to Elena. So it’s been a long time, and I think Klaus is probably in dire need of that voice of reason, that is Elijah in his life. So it will be really interesting to see what that dynamic will be. It could be something very new now. It’s been a long enough time that they’ve been away from each other.

Definitely. Are we going to continue to see Klaus and Stefan truce, in essence, as they search for the cure together?
I think the problem is that neither of them are selfless enough to uphold their end of the bargain. And in a sense, neither of them are really honorable enough or give enough honor to each other to kind of completely be true to that. So we’re going to see, I think we’re going to see a sort of difficulty in maintaining that partnership to find the cure. It’s all these other people, these other elements, in Mystic Falls that will be brought into it. And one of the things I’m really looking forward to in the mid-season finale, is a lovely scene which Paul and I did, where Klaus kind of opens up to Stefan and tells it like it is. Tells him what it’s like to be Klaus. What it’s like to be in this situation, to be betrayed in the way that he feels he’s been betrayed, or that he’s constantly betrayed. And so yeah, it adds to this dynamic. It’s more complicated. It’s going to be more difficult. So I think they’ll struggle to maintain that. And to contain the information…there’s too many people who would be too interested in that.

I feel like Klaus’ motivations have really changed now that he’s out there searching for a cure. How do you feel they have changed now that there is something bigger than him?
Well, his objectives were reasonably clear in season three. And I think they are muddied now, yeah. I think the cure is certainly one of those things that he wants but there’s multiple reasons why he’d want the cure. The obvious one, I suppose, is curing Elena, so she can continue to be a hybrid factory for him (laughs). Also, he’s into the idea that the cure could be used as a weapon against him. If he was forced to take the cure, for example, he would be very, very much easier to kill. And there’s a lot of people who want him dead. I think there’s at least a few people in Mystic Falls who still haven’t forgotten Aunt Jenna. So there’s that, but then he’s also sticking around in Mystic Falls and I think part of the reason for that is Caroline, and his continued quest to woo her. And I also think that everybody’s kind of let slide the fact that they all ganged up and put him in a coffin at the end of season three after he was teaming up to help them. He gave his services and they all turned on him and put him in his coffin when he was trying to sort of help them against evil Alaric. So it’s interesting that he’s sticking around and keeping his enemies very close after that happened. And I feel like there’s still some retribution required from that.

Can you tease a little bit about what’s coming up past the mid-season finale? Are we going to find out anything new about Klaus’ master plan for the hybrids?
Past Christmas, the show really gathers pace and they’ve done something in the last couple of weeks, to be honest, where it’s been tremendously shocking to all the actors working on the show and quite kind of distressing with the way the story’s being taken. But I think in a good way. I think the show is on season four, so it needs to be shook up like that. Not everyone’s favorite characters are going to make it to the end of the season. I think that’s as much as I can give you, really. In terms of Klaus’ master plan for his hybrids, I feel like his hybrids are a smaller part of his master plan. It’s likely that he came to Mystic Falls with one goal — break the curse that was keeping his werewolf side dormant. And he now has a number of strings attaching him to the place and the people who are there, and so like anything, he has multiple motivations for being there. So I think that’s more interesting than just honing into one. Because when he came, he was just evil, and he wants to break the cure by killing these people. And now he’s become a well rounded, supernatural human being. There’s more complex reasons for him staying there.

Be sure to tune in tonight at 8 PM to the CW for the mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries.


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