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The Vampire Diaries is back tonight, after what seemed like a very long week without it. When last we left our favorite residents of Mystic Falls, a certain original made his triumphant return (love you, Elijah!) What does this mean for Klaus? What about the others? I recently had the chance to chat with Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus, one of my favorite supernatural beings. We talked about what’s coming up, why people root for Klaus, and he even asked me to establish the official Caroline/Klaus ‘shipper name. From searching, the consensus seems to be Carlaus (or Caralaus), so I’m going to go with that one. Edit: The common consensus seems to be Klaroline. You win, fans, you win. Whatever the name may be, I am excited about the possibility, even if they have a somewhat crazy history.

After the last episode, I believe I might have yelled “hell yes!” at my television. I’m very excited Elijah is back. How is that going to change things?
Well, he’s going to wonder what happened, isn’t he? Since I put the dagger in him. There’s also the whole matter of my mother to deal with and the truth about what happened to her now, which has come out. I’m sure he’s going to have something to say about that. There’s a confrontation brewing, I think.

I’m looking forward to it! And a couple weeks ago, I think every Vampire Diaries fan collectively swooned over the Klaus and Caroline scene (laughs).

I imagine Caroline isn’t going to be easy to win over though, so what can we expect from that new found relationship?
Well, that scene was actually one of my favorite scenes that they wrote for me. It was just a really beautiful seduction scene, really, I suppose. You’re right. She’s fully aware of who Klaus is and what he’s capable of, so it’s going to be a tough sell for him, I think. But he’s persistent and I think there’s something there, certainly. I watched that scene and saw there’s a connection there between them. And she does kind of acquiesce him at the end. She does say she wants to live and she drinks from him. And that’s a very intimate moment between those two people, or creatures, however you want to put it. So yeah, I think there is something there, but like you say, it’s going to take a little bit of work on his part.

Did you anticipate the fans would latch on so much to a possible relationship between the two of them?
The fans continue to surprise me. I knew that people would be interested to see another side to my character, in a scenario that we hadn’t kind of really experienced before, with her as well, which was unexpected to everyone, including myself when I got the script. But I didn’t expect — it’s funny, I was in a hotel for the CW Bad Boys Panel TCA thing I did in LA, and I watched the episode in a hotel room and I wanted to watch that scene again, so I looked it up on YouTube to see if anyone had posted it, and I just found pages and pages of Klaus and Caroline videos that people had sort of put together with music on them. And that was the day after. So yeah, I’m continually surprised by the fans and their commitment to the show. People really seem to respond to it. I think they’re debating what the ‘shipping name should be. Klaroline or Caralaus or something.

(laughs) I saw one that said For-iginal and I was confused by that one.
For-iginal? (laughs) That’s a stretch. Because there was ‘forwood,’ which was Lockwood and Forbes together, so I guess they were trying to expand on that.

They confuse me. I try not to look at those names because I can’t put them together.
I know. It takes me a while, sometimes, like who is that supposed to be? But it’s just another thing I’m learning being a part of The Vampire Diaries.

We saw Klaus and Caroline in this unlikely friendship. Are we going to see Klaus make any more unlikely friends?
It’s interesting because every now and then they throw someone into the mix with me. Yeah, some unexpected camaraderie between certain characters. Let’s put it like that. There’s certainly some people you wouldn’t expect to see him with, yes. Someone who we haven’t met yet, that’s why I’m being cagey.

That makes sense. And we’re going to meet Klaus’ brothers soon. What is that dynamic going to be like?
Well, it’s interesting because again, the same with Elijah, except Klaus put all his family in these coffins and his two brothers — one of them I believe has been in the coffin around five hundred years — and the other one slightly less than that. But all of his family are under the assumption that his father killed his mother, so there’s going to be some answers. He’s going to have to answer some tough questions when they finally come back. So it’s going to be tough. I think he’s going to be hoping that they don’t all gang up on him, (laughs) try to bully him or something. But yeah, it’s going to be interesting. The writers have been really great with those two characters because they haven’t just made them sort of faceless bad-asses, they’ve really given them distinct personalities. So you’ll see, it’s interesting to watch the dynamic between all of the originals, just to see sort of how they function as a family. It’s very interesting, because we’ve seen a lot of Klaus, first and worst as this evil being, and then with his sister, who he obviously cared a lot about. So it’s interesting to see when those other dynamics are introduced.

Yeah, definitely. What about Klaus and Rebekah, when he eventually decides to un-dagger her? They are sort of the only two who got along…
They are, yeah. I think Rebekah is one of his siblings that he cares about the most, that he’s most attached to. And so I think he’ll be most worried about un-daggering her, hence why he put the dagger back in her in episode eleven, because he really, more than anything, fears disappointing her. And so he’s terrified she’ll abandon him and he’d rather have him in a coffin than out of the coffin, off on her own. So I think she is the confrontation that he’s most afraid of, because it’s that disappointment rather than anger from her that he’s really kind of terrified of seeing. So yeah, it’s going to be a huge deal for him. All of those guys coming out of the coffins will be a big thing for Klaus.

And there’s that extra coffin hanging around that we just saw Damon take…
Dun, dun, dun. Yeah.

Yeah! What could Klaus possibly have hiding in there?
Well, I can tell you that whatever it is, he’s pretty terrified of it. It’s something that could potentially destroy him. So it’s a very frightening prospect that coffin being open or being out of his control somewhere. He’s desperate to get his hands back on that coffin. I think it’s going to be a big surprise for everyone and very kind of exciting moment when we finally do find out what’s in that coffin. I’ve been reading all sorts of things over Twitter. Someone even wrote “I’ve got it! It’s Klaus’ twin.” So, I don’t know, I’d have to play two roles then, like Nina does. So I can confirm it’s not Klaus’ twin in the coffin. But kudos to that person for the idea, because that was a pretty exciting idea, I thought.

That was an interesting idea. I’ve heard a ton of theories, but I’m excited to find out. And Klaus kind of made a new enemy with Damon, so I’m interested to see how that plays out.
Yeah, you know, I love those confrontations with Ian. It’s been a slow build between he and I. Well, I say slow build, but we tried to kill each other in the first five or six scenes we had. And then we got a little kind of more cordial. So it’s interesting how this relationship develops because most of them share that kind of loose cannon quality.

Definitely. And even though Klaus has his doppelganger now, he doesn’t seem to be one to let go of unpaid debts or forget things. Is he going to ever revisit his vendetta against Katherine?
Oh, I’m sure, yeah. As we move closer towards the finale of the season, I wonder whether he’s going to want to tie up those loose ends. Katherine always comes in with a little part to play which is integral to the storyline, or that’s my experience, anyway. So, I don’t know the answer to that, but I would speculate yes.

And Klaus’ plans so far have not exactly worked out the way he wanted them to. We saw Tyler try to break his sire bond, and Damon stealing the coffin. What do you think Klaus’ motivations are for settling into Mystic Falls besides the coffin obviously?
Well, yeah, obviously the coffin. I think also the fact that it is so linked to the past, to his past and his family. It’s a very kind of interesting conflict with Klaus. Because on the one hand he wants all his power and he wants to be feared by everyone and he wants that feeling that he doesn’t need anybody. But at the same time, he’s going around trying to make friends, really. Isn’t he? He wanted Stefan to be his friend, that didn’t really work out, so he got this sire bond thing going with Tyler, wanted to take him under his wing. Now he’s got this mentor-student relationship with Caroline that may turn into something else. He really is a lonely guy. And I think even though the relationships he’s established in Mystic Falls are, for the most part, bad ones, they’re still relationships. They’re still something. And if he doesn’t know any different, he’ll cling on to what he’s got.

I find myself thinking about this a lot, because I root for Klaus. Is that why you think others root for Klaus even though he’s a little bit psycho.
Well, yeah, I think all people love a bad boy, and he certainly is that. But I think again, the writers are bringing in a more and more sort of human side of a scene, or the motives behind why he is like he is, and I think people are starting to relate to him. And I noticed especially after episode eleven with that scene with Caroline, a lot of people kind of came on to the idea that I’m really starting to like him. And that’s good for me, because I feel like there’s only so much you can do if you’re going to be two-dimensional, evil all the time. So it’s wonderful to see this character developing all of these layers. I think the more you understand someone, the more you like them.

What can you tease about the next episode and beyond that? I hear there is a big costume ball coming up soon.
I can say that there’s a huge costume ball. We all had to have dance lessons. It’s a lot of fun. And there’s a scene coming up with a particularly troublesome horse. It took so long to shoot. I’m sure it looks beautiful, but this horse would not behave itself. I nearly got hit in the mouth a bunch of times. But we can look forward to the ball and we can look forward to at least one more, how shall I say it, Klaroline scene? Or Caralaus? You can look forward to more of those. I’m sure that will make everyone happy.

(laughs) Once we figure out what the real ‘shipper name is…
Yeah. You establish it in your article.

Okay, I’ll do my best.

Lastly, I know you are a big Walking Dead fan, so I wanted to know your thoughts on the big, crazy finale.
Yeah! It was really crazy, wasn’t it? I loved it. Especially when the little girl came out of the barn at the end and you realize she’d been there the whole time and you saw Rick didn’t want to shoot these walkers who had been coming out the whole time and then he was the one, of course, who had to walk forward at the end and kill the little girl and make that tough decision. I just think it’s so good and Jon Bernthal is getting — it’s just such an interesting character. They’re all really, really good. Lauren Cohan, who used to be on Vampire Diaries. I think she’s wonderful in it. I was so impressed with it. I’m glad you asked about that.

Be sure to tune in for an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries tonight at 8 PM on the CW.


  • Love Klaroline! (That’s the shipper name I’ve seen the most). And love the conflicts and layers of acting for Joseph as Klaus.

  • It’s amazing that people don’t want justice to be brought to Klaus. But they want Caroline to be with Klaus instead! The very same person that did all those horrible things to her and her friends! So wait Caroline don’t forget what you’ve said. Klaus is the bad guy Tyler, how can I be with you when your sired to him, your on team klaus now & you can’t be trusted, my problem is that you’ve been sired. Klaroline would make Caroline a horrible person. Plus dare she even think about being with Klaus after everything he did to Tyler & while Tyler is turning everyday to break his sire bond! I will loose all respect for Caroline if Klaroline happens!

  • It’s Klaroline! :)

  • Klaroline sounds the best! Great. article! :)

  • Klaus and Stefan have been the only good thing about this season! Looking forward to more Klaus and Caroline also. :)

  • He is such a Klaroline shipper! :D

  • Klaroline means forgetting about the true characterization of Caroline and basically thrower under a bus for a crack ship. No build up at all and it would be so rushed and out of know where that not even Joss Whedom himself good make this relationship work. Yeah let’s just forget about Tyler who’s breaking every bone in his body for Caroline! But you swoon over that one scene! Lol I’ll take Tyler and you can have the crazy killer with daddy issues.

  • I hope Klaus and Caroline have a scene in tonights episode. He needs to kiss and make up with Stefan also. :P

  • Caralaus? lol. Klaroline sounds way better.

  • Ralitsa
    posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 10:39 am

    Excuse me if the idea of Caroline and Klaus makes me sick, but really? The dude almost sacrificed her and her boyfriend, killed her best friend and her aunt, than killed her boyfriend too, turning him into hybrid and siring him. Than he ordered him to bite her just to play hero of the day. Also she wanted to broke up with Tyler because he is sired… If Klarololololine happens will be character destruction for Caroline and will turn her into complete hypocrite. And especially after what Tyler did for her, doing the thing he hates most, breaking every single bone in his body to prove his love. Klaus/Caroline makes me sick, not because I am a die hard Forwood fan, makes me sick because I am a woman with self respect and for me is hard to accept and believe that there have a stupid woman which would go for Klaus after all the things I said previously in my post. If this happens I am loosing all the respect I ever had for Caroline. So she can’t date with Tyler because he is sired, but she can date with his sire… Just wondering what is wrong with you people… And can you give a better argument than: Klaus and Caroline are cute, hot and FTW? No… This says it all.

  • What a charming interview! He clearly really understands this character’s psychology, I love his enthusiasm for delving deeper into what makes Klaus tick and how he relates to people, including his enemies. I’m so interested in seeing more of his dynamic with his family and with Caroline. I have to say though, I think Klaroline wins by a landslide for anointed shipper name if you go by the usual suspects (AKA tumblr and twitter).

  • Klaroline is the shipper name for them. I don’t like the others. Klaus is the best and only good thing about the show right now. The Delena/Stelena drama is so boring. -.-

  • Miranda
    posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 10:58 am

    I LOVE HIM! :) Also the shipper name people use is Klaroline. I so can’t wait for their dance together. :D

  • I’m an adult viewer and I’m loosing more and more interest in watching the show. Especially when it all becomes about ships and not the SL. But instead we want the only main Villain on the show to find love and get counciling. Lol whatever happen to the good guys getting revenge on the bad guys? If. Caroline is the good person I think she is. She should be using this softer side of Klaus against him to help Tyler & her friends. Because that’s what good people do. If this Klaroline relationship happens TVD goes from watching on air to recorded on my DVR.

  • Christina
    posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 11:08 am

    Awesome! I love the walking dead and Klaroline. :)
    Great interview!

  • Good to see Caroline getting to interact with other characters. Her being all about Tyler was getting boring. She didn’t even care about Stefan after all he did for her. They could have easily wrote her into that storyline instead of the boring Forwood crap. Tyler is a useless character cause without Forwood his character is nothing. Even Michael Trevino wants his character to work more with others like Damon and Stefan. Caroline and Tyler are better when they interact with others. They ruined the Tyler/Jeremy friendship and the Stefan/Caroline friendship when Forwood got together. I hope Caroline will stay single. :)

  • Christine
    posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 11:37 am

    I can’t wait for more of the dynamic between Klaus and Caroline. I am so happy I don’t watch shows for character ships. People get way too serious about it and it takes the enjoyment out if it. It’s like their life is over if their couple doesn’t end up together. lol. Just enjoy the damn show. -.-

  • I LOVE the idea of Klaroline. This show needs a new exciting couple. :p

  • TeamKluas
    posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Everything is Klaroline and nothing hurts. Haters to the left. Twitter will explode when then Klaroline dance in 3×14 happens.

  • I LOVE KLAUS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ralitsa
    posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Its funny how from an adult person which doesn’t like Klaroline idea ppl turn you into a hater. Every one who spoke here against Klaroline made long and full with common sense posts. And than someone pop up and call us haters… We are not haters we are just people who doesn’t find a logic, common sense and doesn’t like the idea of a perfect villain to burn in love, and from the amazing character Caroline is to turn into a hypocrite. Don’t call us haters because we don’t accept the ship. Plus make a damn difference between JoMo and Klaus. They are not the same person!!! As far as I know JoMo is not a psychotic killer!!!

  • JoMo is the best! Hope we see alot more of Klaus. :)

  • Caroline will be with Stefan in the end cause both Tyler and Klaus will get killed off at some point!! =) I don’t mind Klaroline! It will be entertaining to watch Klaus try to win her over! :D

  • aww. JoMo ships Klaroline. :)

  • I agree with the person that said she should stay single. I always enjoy her scenes with Bonnie and Elena the best and so does Candice! :)

  • I think Klaus will be around for a lot longer. ;)

  • Shannon
    posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    I have liked the idea of Klaroline for a long time now. So happy that they are getting more scenes together.

  • As much as i love Jomo and Klaus, i think Klaroline is a huge huge mistake (if they continue with it in a romantic way) Klaus destroyed everyone’s lives, including that of Tyler, Caroline’s exboyfriend. It would be completely out of character for Caroline to fall for Klaus. And for Klaus himself as well, if you ask me. I still hope this is some kind of plan to get on everybody’s good side or something. To me it’s Forwood, forever and always :)

  • I won’t be able to watch tonights episode cause im working. :(
    I saw a clip of Klaroline dancing and im so excited. They have wonderful chemistry!

  • While I still very much support the Tyler/Caroline pairing, I’m certainly interested by where Klaus/Caroline could go. He’s the perfect tool to tempt her away from being a “good” vampire (they all need to properly fall from grace sometime, it seems) and Caroline will certainly try to pull out what remains of his humane side.

  • I agree with the person who said she will be with Stefan! Best ship ever!!! Till then I am on team Klaroline if it means some more screen time for Candice and being part of the main storyline. So glad Tyler won’t be around.

  • Samantha
    posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    @ John

    But what does falling in love has to do with character assasination ?:S its not something u can control ! look at elena, she fell for damon who killed her brother, slept with her mother and what not! fell for stefan has well who had harmed her ancestors.. still she is trying hard not to give up on him after knowing every damn thing abt them! if thats acceptable then why the same cannot happen with caroline? :S:S:S: .. im not saying that she should start coochie cooching him! but to have FEelings for someone is uncontrollable and in the long run if either of them wanted to respond to them then there is not something new on the show … if that is called a character assasination then every Damn character has been through with it! in my opinion all vampires on the show had a horrible past.. each one of them had done terrible things are still pursuing in some way .. but oh well i guess we all are biased .. :) tyler fans will definetly hate klaus and caroline …. matt caroline fans hated forwood, stelena fans hates delena… and it goes on and on and on .. anyway .. just my opinion ..

  • I want to see a more darker side to her character! I think Klaus could bring that out in her. The im a perfect vampire that can do no wrong is getting boring with her. After all the bad things that have happened to her it would be interesting to see her give in to her vampire nature and go bad for awhile.

  • Can’t wait to see a softer side of Klaus! :)

  • I love Klaroline! I made loads of videos with them on youtube. :)

  • I love Klaroline! I made loads of videos about them on youtube. :)

  • Jasmine
    posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    haha, those other shipper names sound weird. Klaroline is the best one for them!

  • Yay new episode tonight! Team Klaroline. I hope they have a scene together.

  • Every damn character on the show is a hypocrite than … take elena for instance … fallen in love with two vampires .. one was a ripper who had killed her ancestors .. another one has killed her brother slept with his wife … so why the hell are ppl even watching vampire diaries when the lead characters are butchered to begin with :S

    and since when falling in love has become a passage for character assasination :S we cannot control how we feel abt others ..
    anyway … first it was stelena VS delena … now its forwood vS klaroline :S

    what more weird than this whole thing is .. some fans who are supporting this so called” character assasination opnion” want Klonnie( bonnie and klaus) to become and item .. woah! contradictions.. contradictions .. :) its just a show guys! every character has been compromised with!

    ” its just a show!!! im up for klaus and carolines! they share some real chemistry … also their first scene was a big hit .. foundation has been laid cant wait to see where it leads them and how their character dynamics is going to be .. SEE all this potential! it lacks with tyler even with matt ..

    btw .. “klaroline” is much much better then caralaus or foriginal …

  • Tiffany
    posted on February 2nd, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Klaroline all the way! <3

  • Klaroline S2

  • Ugh. Klaroline is the worst, most nonsensical thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Caroline will officially be the weakest female on the show (tough, considering the main character) if she falls for Klaus, and Klaus will officially be the lamest villain ever if he falls for Caroline. They already played out the love/hate thing with Caroline a Tyler, and it WORKED because both of them were new to their supernatural situations and were EQUALS. They could help each other; gain something from each other. Klaus, however, is a thousand freaking year old vampire who has done it all and seen it all. What in the WORLD would possess him to fall for Caroline, the bubbly blonde vampire barbie with an incestuous resemblance to his little sister? Friendship, maybe. Love? Gag me. He’s way too manipulative and powerful to get one-upped by someone as insecure as Caroline. I’m not a huge fan of Klaus with any of the current females, but if it had to be anyone, it should really be Bonnie – and before people go crazy about killing Bonnie’s character, let me be clear: I don’t think she would reciprocate. She is, however, the ONLY one on the show who I could see him getting intrigued by. She’s powerful. She’s incredibly strong. And most importantly, she’s the only one on that entire show that can (and has almost) killed him. If they want to play the whole wants-what-he-can’t-have storyline, don’t put him with the vulnerable blonde with boy issues, put him with the stubbornly righteous witch who wants nothing to do with him, has the power to go toe-to-toe with his every move, and (most importantly) deserves his respect. In other words, the one female character who can’t be easily manipulated. This show baffles me.

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