INTERVIEW: Kevin Bacon (Ryan Hardy) from The Following

January 21st, 2013 by

Kevin Bacon

If you choose to watch one new network drama this season, let it be The Following. I know, I know, you have piles of shows building up on your DVR that you haven’t gotten around to, but trust me on this one. The Following is clever, intelligent, twisted, creepy and quite brilliant. Kevin Bacon stars as Ryan Hardy, a former FBI agent with a pretty crazy history. He caught Joe Carroll, a professor/serial killer/Edgar Allan Poe worshipper and put him behind bars. But years later, Carroll is thrust back into the picture because he has created a cult (or a following) based on his vendetta/beliefs/you name it. I recently had the chance to talk to Kevin Bacon at Comic Con in San Diego, where I proudly achieved 0 degrees of Kevin Bacon. He talked about what attracted him to television, playing a flawed hero and much more.

Tune in tonight to FOX at 9 PM for the big premiere of The Following.

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