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January 17th, 2013 by

Paley: An Evening with “Suits”

In honor of the winter premiere of season two, the cast and creator of Suits gathered for a screening and Q&A on January 14th at the Paley Center in LA. I had the opportunity to chat with Meghan Markle about Rachel’s dad, her heartbreaking moment with Mike at the end of last season, and if she’s rooting for Rachel to go to Harvard Law. Check it out below.

When I was talking to Sarah [Rafferty] earlier, she mentioned that Rachel’s dad comes into the picture, what can you share about that?
Oh my gosh, well, a: he’s played by Wendell Pierce, who is amazing, and I’m a huge fan of The Wire, so I’ve loved his work. That was a lot of fun, but really what I think is important for viewers to see in that relationship is that Rachel’s not quite as perfect as she seems and is not quite as polished. And you get pieces of throughout the season prior, but you really get to see why she is the way she is; she has all these hurdles and conflicts and this lack of support, so that for me was great as an actor because I think it shows a softer side to her.

So, at the end of last season, we kind of see Rachel put it all out there with Mike and then find out he’s with the married woman. How are we going to see her react and deal with that?
I’m sorry, can we just take a moment to talk about just how painful that was?! You should’ve seen my face when I read the script. No, it was tough because the girl, that’s what I love about Rachel, that she’s relatable, you watch her and just go oh, she’s pining for a guy, or she really wants to be a lawyer, and you just root for her. So to see that moment happen, was heartbreaking. What I love in these back six episodes is that she doesn’t just weep over it, and though I’m sure there are tears shed, she toughens up, and I love that so much. Because then he’s gotta work for it which is so true to how it happens in real life! Guys just love a chase; ughhh, they’re so difficult!

We saw Rachel take the LSAT a few episodes ago, do you think we’ll ever get to see her go to law school? I mean, we obviously don’t want to see you leave the show, but…
Right, we want her to go to Harvard! We want her to have what she wants, so I think we…we get to see what happens, and she’ll have to make a really big choice based on her LSAT scores.

We see Rachel spend most of her time on the show with Mike, are we going to get to see her branch out and spend more time with people like Louis and Harvey and Jessica?
All of them actually! Which was great for me. I was joking that Gabriel and I filmed a scene together, one of our first scenes (we had two!), and we were filming outside in the streets of Toronto and fans were shocked like “what are they doing together?! Why are those two at a hot dog cart together?!”, so it’s really interesting to see how that’s developed and I think with Rachel building all of these relationships with other partners at the firm only establishes just how important she is. What other paralegal is with the partners? Not many. But you get to see her in that framework and it’s just amazing, even her interaction with Jessica. It’s awesome.

Is there anything that you want to see for her in Season 3?
I would love for Rachel to become a lawyer. I really want that for her. Law school comes first, so maybe that’s lawyer come season 4. But we’ll have to see how it all plays out. At the same time, I want to see her recognize her worth, just as I would tell any good friend, so if Mike Ross doesn’t get into the picture, I want her to move on and perhaps meet someone else.

Are we going to see anyone else in these back six?
…I don’t knowwww.

Be sure to tune in to the Season 2.5 premiere of Suits tonight on USA.

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