INTERVIEW: Zach Roerig (Matt) and Michael Trevino (Tyler) from The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries returns on Thursday and I can’t even wait. The first two episodes are some of the most emotional episodes of the series and the storytelling is just wonderful. But I’ll have more on that later in the week. Until then, I have a bunch of Comic Con interviews to tide you over. We all know Matt (Zach Roerig) is going to have a tough season ahead. He’s going to struggle with the decision to save him over Elena, and Elena’s new vampire-dom. And Tyler is currently embodied by Klaus, so it’s going to be interesting to see where that goes. I spoke to both Roerig and Trevino, and they talked about Matt’s guilt, relationships, and their hopes for this season.

Let’s talk about Tyler being embodied by Klaus.

Michael Trevino: Right now from what we know, for me is just playing Klaus. That’s really all it is. I’d like to play it, for me creatively it’s exciting. It’s a challenge. I’d like to play it for a while, but I don’t think I’m gonna get to play it for that long because we’re gonna bring Joseph Morgan back, we’re gonna have to. I’m having fun with it for right now.

Zach Roerig: He does a good job at it, I must say. Not just because he’s my boy, but it’s cool. We were at the New York Upfronts and someone said to me, “Are you going to be practicing mimicking Joseph’s mannerisms?” and he was like, “No, Joseph Morgan, he portrays Klaus,” but Klaus, like Trevino said earlier, is this character who is essentially like the most powerful person on the planet. So, embodying that as an actor to know that’s what you’re working with, that’s a lot. Joseph Morgan’s mannerisms aside, it’s a performance of the most powerful person on the planet. And there’s no British accent. At all.

MT: Not happening.

Is Matt going to feel guilt over the fact that Elena obviously told Stefan to save his life at the expense of her own life?

ZR: I think that’s gonna be mirrored with another interesting feeling which is love. I don’t think Matt’s felt such love and compassion toward him since Season 1, if ever. Elena gave up her life so that Matt could go on and live the life he told her about as a kid, the life he wanted to have with her. She gave up everything to make sure he could have that life. So I feel like Season 4 is going to constantly be Matt trying to outgrow this guilt with proving to Elena that she should have saved him. Living each day with intent on proving your existence.

Do you think Matt’s going to go after Rebekah?

ZR: She wrecked his truck. You guys are aware that Matt loved that truck. But look, Matt’s got needs. I’m sure he can keep her at bay for a certain amount of time, but, you know, it is what it is.

What are you looking forward to this season with your characters?

ZR: Me personally, as far as relationships, I want to see it get rekindled or get kind of opened back up, I would love to see Matt and Tyler rekindle their male bond. As far as the Mystery Machine gang of Mystic Falls, you know, you’ve got the vampire brothers, but the original Mystic Falls boys are these two. They’ve had such falling outs, basically over women. My mom. (laughs) My ex-girlfriend. This dude just never gives up.

MT: Yeahhhhh.

ZR: What I loved is that, there was a scene in the season finale when I was with Elena in the truck. It was actually very difficult for me to play because there were only three words. I say, “Dammit, dammit, dammit” and I hit the steering wheel, but it’s all a reaction to the fact that I believe that Tyler is dead. We had so much unfinished business. You know, brothers will fight to the end about women and things like that, but they’ll always have each other’s back. So I’m just excited to see where these two are gonna go this season. Kick someone’s ass, I hope.

MT: I think because of what Julie has said before, this is the year, this is graduation time. They’re still students in high school and with that I really like, I think it was Episode 20 or 21 when basically, it’s the scenes when we’re all together and we’re like giving a toast at Elena’s house.

ZR: In the kitchen, right?

MT: Yeah, it’s those scenes where on the day we rarely get to see one another, besides just passing each other in hair and makeup and in our dressing rooms and such, but when we’re all together, I mean it is tough because some work isn’t getting done and someone’s always goofing off. But everybody, we don’t ever really work with one another, I’m always working with just Candice, and now I’m working with Joseph a little bit, everybody has their little couples, but I like those bit group scenes, which I think is gonna happen with graduation.

Who was your favorite?

ZR: Steven McQueen.
MT: That takes us back to the pilot, huh. Everybody’s favorite. Little McQueen.

Tune in Thursday, October 11th at 8 PM to the CW for the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries.


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