REVIEW: Pretty Little Liars “Can You Hear Me Now?”

June 30th, 2010 by

I continue to be completely in love with Pretty Little Liars. Some shows lose their momentum after starting off so strong, but I’m so happy Pretty Little Liars has not. So what is going on with our little liars? Can You Hear Me Now (very cleverly named) centers around the girls trying to get rid of A once and for all. Hanna doesn’t want Alison’s bracelet anymore so she hands it off to Spencer. They all decide to block any unknown numbers from texting or calling them on their cell phones. This didn’t happen in the books but I thought it was a good new twist. But of course A. can’t be gotten rid of that easily! Right after they do this (on a bench about to be dedicated to Ali no less) a note flies in saying “Ding dong the bitch is dead!” Oh boy!

When last we left Hanna, she had crashed Sean’s car and walked away from it. Of course, Ashley, ever concerned with her family’s image, is royally pissed. She ends up calling Hanna’s dad (who she hadn’t heard from in quite some time). Hanna is thrilled until she finds out the reason he came. She goes to dinner with him (although Ashley thought she was invited as well and got super dolled up) and much to her surprise, her dad’s new fiancee is there with her daughter. In the books, Kate (the daughter) is super skinny and perfect and blonde. They got the blonde part right, but while the actress who plays Kate seems to be just fine, she doesn’t match the image in the book at all. I know that you can’t always have actors match your vision exactly but I thought this was a bit far off. Perhaps as Kate develops, I will like her more but I’ll just have to wait and see. Also, Hanna never liked Kate in the books so perhaps that is what we are supposed to feel as well?

Aria is still dealing with her father’s cheating ways. She is invited over to Ezra’s apartment, and while he’s making her dinner, they get in a fight about how to handle the situation. Aria feels like Ezra doesn’t look at her as an adult. Later in class, they banter and her classmates can definitely tell something is up. Aria confronts Ezra and they seem to be okay — whatever okay is in this student/teacher relationship. She finally goes to tell her mom about her dad’s adultery but A has beat her to the punch — in letter form. Whew, A, you really know how to mess up people’s lives, don’t you?!

Emily is trying to come to terms with the Maya kiss, and Maya seems very into her. She gives Emily a scarf and a long meaningful hug. In class, Emily finds a strip of the pictures  they took at Noel’s party in her chemistry book. Speaking of chemistry, Emily has a new lab partner: Toby Cavanaugh. He was the hero of the last episode, yet still has a creepy air about him. He seems like he legitimately likes Emily though ( just in a friendly way) and I kind of feel bad for him. Emily thinks Maya put the pictures in her book and their confrontation doesn’t go so well. Later that night, Emily and Toby talk (everyone lives close together in Rosewood) and Toby tells her that the people in school are idiots. He asks her if she still swims and why and thinks she should just forget about those around her and focus on what makes her happy. Toby Cavanaugh, giving out the good advice! In the book, Toby is a bit more mysterious and darker, but I’m sure the show will delve into this soon.  I do like this new found friendship though.

In Spencer world, she finds out her essay that she copied from Melissa was submitted by a Golden Orchid by her teacher. Obviously this freaks her out, and she admits to Hanna what happened. Spencer is alone in the house because her parents went away with Melissa, and she hears noises. She comes down to find Wren, drunk, holding flowers for her trying to win her back. Later in the episode, Hanna goes to pick Spencer up and A. has dedicated a song to her on the radio. Quite fittingly the song is “I Don’t Need You Anymore.” Hanna sees Spencer kiss Wren, who tells her it’s not what she thinks it is. At Spencer’s house in the middle of the kitchen island is Wren’s flowers and flower pot except broken and creepily arranged. It looked almost like a grave to me but I wasn’t quite sure. They run upstairs to make sure Alison’s bracelet is still there, and written on the mirror is “It Won’t Be That Easy Bitches -A.”

This episode was full of drama and intrigue, and I can’t get enough. I like that we are finding out more about each character’s private lives–I even like Toby Cavanaugh, shockingly enough. Whenever a book is adapted, there are going to be little things that don’t carry over, but I think I. Marlene King and her team of writers is doing a great job sticking to the core of the books. This episode branched away from the books a bit and I have to say, I liked it. There is a ton of material there, but it can also be expanded upon. We have seen a lot of Aria’s family life, and Hanna’s to some extent, but I hope to see more of Spencer and Emily’s families. In the books, Spencer has a tumultous relationship with her family and that has been shown a little bit.

I also love the Aria/Ezra relationship, even if it is a bit ridiculous. They both seem to genuinely care for one another and I think the show has done such a great job of making the relationship seem legitimate and not cliched (or creepy). I also really love that Laura Leighton is back on TV, and as sassy as ever as Hanna’s mom.  The show now has a 22 episode order and there are only 9 books, so they will have to develop characters accordingly. Once we finally find out who A. is, they have to go somewhere from there. I have faith that whatever the next episode brings, it will be highly entertaining. This is one show that is definitely not a summer guilty pleasure–I simply love it and would watch whenever ABC Family wanted to air it. I can’t wait to see more!

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesday nights at 8 pm on ABC Family.

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