REVIEW: The Secret Circle “Crystal”

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Crystals! Crystals! Crystals! This week the gang set out to steal the remaining crystals from the Elders. Someone died and another person found out her true identity. All in all it was a pretty successful week for The Secret Circle.

The Hunt for Crystals
Even though John Blackwell showed up alive in Chance Harbor just a few short weeks ago, the teenage members of the circle have decided to trust him blindly and set out on a mission to find the remaining hidden crystals. Have any of the members of this brain trust taken a second to think about their leader? The man is EVIL. He openly admits to having dark magic. Why do these kids just constantly do what he tells them to? You’d think the whole pretending to be dead, disappearing for 16 years, and then showing up and hiding his powers situation would make at least one of these kids step back and say, “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t listen to the man who was sort of responsible for the deaths of about half our parents”. At this point, Jake’s Grandpa is right; the circle is going to die and it’ll be because they trusted Blackwell.

The group breaks into two hunting parties: Cassie, Jake, and Faye hunt down Jake’s Grandfather while Melissa, Adam, and Diana search through Melissa’s grandmother’s house. And what did Cassie & company find behind door number 1? Another (maybe not-so-) crazy conspiracy theory. Boy, can Jake’s Grandpa deliver some exposition! Here’s the sitch: 300 years ago, 18 families left Salem and created 3 circles, one of which is the Chance Harbor circle. Blackwell attempted to corrupt the Chance Harbor circle by making himself a part of the younger generation’s circle. Cassie isn’t the only Blackwell descendant in their circle, and Gramps seems to think that the 2 members of the circle with dark magic will help tip the metaphorical scale in favor of evil over good. Crazy conspiracy theory grandpa tells the young’uns that he does have a crystal, but like any good paranoid old man he’s hidden it in an abandoned mine. Too bad creepy voodoo Callum broke into his house while they were all chatting and stole the map. Not to worry, technology to the rescue! Cassie had taken a picture of it when she first arrived and now the dynamic duo of Adam and Melissa can head over to the mine and check it out.

In related news, Faye discovered one of her mom’s old diaries that revealed a serious stalker level crush on Blackwell, so she’s convinced that she’s the second Blackwell child.

Before they were summoned by another one of Cassie’s problems Adam and Melissa snuck into Melissa’s grandma’s house and found her crystal. Only one problem…she’s kind of a hoarder. The duo steal all of the crystals and manage to drag Diana away from her date with the cute Australian so she can use her circle magic to help them find the real crystal. Easy peasy!

Adam and Melissa head down into the mine, and in a feat of super impressive manliness Adam uses a rope to swing from one ledge to another and grab the hidden crystal. But you know what trumps magic in the old Chance Harbor mines? Guns. And Callum has one. Bye bye crystal.

Scooby gang to the rescue! The other 4 circle members show up just in time for Faye to almost kill herself trying to access her dark magic as Callum speeds straight at her on a motorcycle. It didn’t work; she doesn’t have dark magic. She’s not a Blackwell. Cassie stops Callum just before he escaped. 3 crystals down, only a few more to go.

Goodnight Jane
Poor Grandma Jane, always one-step behind the middle generation. Jane and Charles come up with a brilliant plan to kill Blackwell once and for all. They lure him into her house and trap him in a chair. Before lighting a match and killing him, Jane can’t resist using her crystal to find out the truth about whether Blackwell killed Amelia. He didn’t, and she can’t bring herself to kill him. Good thing Charles is there to take over! He completes the spell but rather than killing Blackwell it takes out Jane.

DIANA IS THE BLACKWELL LOVE CHILD. Charles is going to be so pissed when he finds out. Or maybe he already knows? Perhaps that’s why he’s so insistent that Blackwell needs to die. Either way, Diana was a great choice to be the second Blackwell. Faye was too predictable and Melissa is too boring for a role as cool as this. Let’s bring on the Cassie/Diana sister bonding dark magic moments!

The Secret Circle airs Thursday night’s at 9 PM on the CW.

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