REVIEW: The Secret Circle “Curse”

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This week’s Secret Circle taught the kids of Chance Harbor some important life lessons. Forget sex education, just have your shady maybe-evil father tell you that your first time sexual encounter with the guy you’re destined to be with has spawned a curse that will kill another member of your circle of witches. That ought to put a stop to future sexcipades. In other news, bitches witches be crazy.

Cassie & Adam
After spotting Cassie & Adam leaving the house together after their night together, Blackwell tells the pair that he knows what they did last night…and so do the flock of crows that clearly offed themselves at the thought of it. Just kidding, the “curse” put on their families killed the crows, and if they don’t act fast the curse will also take out a member of their circle. And which witch gets the special privilege of bearing the burden of Cassie and Adam’s teen sex adventure? Jake, of course. As if the poor, shirtless (thank you, Andrew Miller) guy wasn’t upset enough that Cassie chose Adam over him, now Jake’s got to deal with dying so they can be together.

Fear not, Chris Zylka fans, Papa Blackwell has a way to save our favorite shirtless witch. There’s an elixir that Amelia discovered back in the day that will stop the curse. Let’s all take a trip to visit Calvin, the shop owner who happens to be the only person in the immediate vicinity to sell the rare ingredients needed for the potion. Oh wait, Jake killed him. Oops. Thankfully, there’s another shop worker who gives the gang everything they need except for an especially rare item that the love triangle must head into the woods to find. Despite some minor setbacks with Jake’s hallucinations of the dead Calvin, who was not thrilled to have been killed (shocker), the trio get what they need and head back to Cassie’s house just in time to brew the potion before Jake kicks it.

The potion is ready, but of course it’s not as easy as having Jake drink a few gulps of some foul smelling liquid. Cassie and Adam got him into this mess and they’re the ones that must save him. They have to drink the liquid and as a side effect they’ll forget everything that happened between them and fall out of love. The pair make the bravo decision to give up what they have to save Jake.

The next morning, Adam leaves and as planned, he has no romantic feelings for Cassie, but the potion didn’t have quite the same effect on her. It seems her dark magic was too strong to allow the potion to take hold of her mind so she remembers everything and is still madly in love with Adam. Angst. And the worst part of it all? There wasn’t even a curse. Evil genius mastermind, John Blackwell, has indeed put a stop to this whole Cassie/Adam romantic situation to “protect” the circle from the witch hunters. And as a fan of the Cassie who lets her dark magic take control, a tip of the hat to you, Papa Blackwell.

While Cassie, Adam and Jake worried about Jake’s impending death, the other ladies of the circle worried about Faye’s ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend drama. Thanks to Lee’s pesky voo-doo nonsense, Eva has taken hold of some of Faye’s power and is on a little power trip. Eva enlists an unwilling Faye to help bring Lee back from the dead, but neither have that kind of magic. Faye manages to take control of the situation and find a way to get her power back. We might be done with Eva for now, but I feel like we’ll be seeing her again down the road.

Looks like someone has remembered that Melissa exists and that someone is Papa Blackwell. Could Melissa be the secret sibling?!

Looking forward
What is Blackwell up to?! Will Charles and Cassie’s grandma be able to take him down? Will Cassie be able to pull herself together or will we be seeing mopey Cassie? Will Dawn and Charles finally get their powers back and rise up over their weaker, romantically distracted children?!

The Secret Circle airs Thursday nights at 9 PM on the CW.

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