REVIEW: The Secret Circle “Darkness”

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The Secret Circle returned from its long winter hiatus with an overload of dark magic and a new roadblock to Dawn and Charles’ fool proof plan to world Chance Harbor domination.

Poor Cassie is struggling with the discovery of her dark magic. She eventually turns to Diana’s grandmother, Kate, who is the latest of the mythical Elders to drop by to “visit relatives.” These people may be powerful, but they are not subtle. Kate immediately senses that Cassie is struggling with her dark magic and offers to help. I’m pretty sure every single person in Chance Harbor was taught the wrong definition of help as a child because they ALL do it wrong. Seriously, why bother trusting anyone? They’re all such turncoats. Kate tricks Cassie into traveling with her into a random deserted part of the forest so they can do a spell together. I guess Cassie was never taught about “Stranger Danger” as a child either. Never wander into the woods alone with an almost complete stranger, kids. You’ll end up performing a weird ritual and then being buried alive.

Naturally, Cassie accesses her dark magic to blow that coffin all to hell, and crawl out of the ground like a phoenix rising from the ashes. So fierce.

Acoording to Kate, Cassie is the witch version of the messiah. She’s the one they’ve been waiting for. A witch strong enough to tip the balance between good and evil. Such a powerful future for such a tiny, blonde person.

Sigh. Not a strong week for Chance Harbor’s most troubled love triangle. Cassie fears her dark magic and confides in Adam about the discovery of the Balcoin blood line. Diana sees Adam searching articles about dark magic and he admits it’s for Cassie. Cue Cassie who thinks Adam has betrayed her. The anger is too much and the darkness comes out as she uses her mind to choke Adam. Thankfully (I guess), she comes to her senses before she kills him.

Now that would all be fine and good, if not exactly inspired writing, but what happens next is just too much. Adam CONTINUES to pursue Cassie and even goes as far as apologizing to her for betraying her trust. SHE ALMOST KILLED HIM. Adam should not be apologizing to her. He should be getting as far away from her as possible. Sometimes he’s more of a girl than the girls on this show are.

Diana does what she does best and continues to be a nice person who sits quietly while her ex-boyfriend hits on his new target in Diana’s room. Time to get a backbone. Or find a new boy. Either would be acceptable.

Faye/Melissa/Random New Hot Boy
Faye is upset that she’s not the most powerful witch in the circle. She meets a hot boy while trying to cast spells on her own. They have nice chemistry. That’s about all I took out of this story. Boring, boring, boring.

We really got to see the extent of Dawn’s desire to regain her powers. Telling Charles to kill his own mother is a new low. Sadly, he’s so whipped that he was mostly ready to do it by the end of the episode. This was the first time we got a clear picture of how long Charles has been interested in Dawn…and how long she hasn’t been interested. Kate’s grand speech to her son telling him not to be weak might help him resist Dawn for now, but I think we all know that their tense break up scene won’t be a permanent solution.

Looks like Chance Harbor’s power(-hungry) couple is a couple no more. I love Charles and Dawn and all of their scheming plans, but I think I might love revenge Dawn even more.

Like just about every episode of Secret Circle, “Darkness” had a few strong moments with hints of strong potential for the series but on a whole it failed to hit that special, adrenaline-filled viewing experience that The Vampire Diaries finds every week. Not to say this episode wasn’t good, it just wasn’t great.

The Secret Circle airs Thursdays at 9 PM on the CW.

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