REVIEW: The Secret Circle “Family”

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It’s been a rough year for everyone in Chance Harbor, but in the season finale we finally get to see our favorites triumph over the evil John Blackwell. Oh, and Eben was there too. Vengeance!

“The One Ring” AKA the Crystal Skull
Anyone else get some creepy Gollum vibes off of the reactions to the crystal skull? (Clearly, Adam had some issues in that department but we’ll get to that later) Even though Cassie and Diana both learned at prom last week that their dear old dad is a crazy evil pervert, they decided to still meet up with him in the middle of nowhere to build their crystal skull. The group heads to a random deserted beach where the girls take turns tossing some rocks into the ocean then Cassie hops in to pull out the creepiest looking non-skull in the history of this show. Thankfully, it ends up shrinking down into an actual skull, so we don’t have to worry about Blackwell carrying around a squishy white magic blob as he chants evil spells in what I have always assumed is Latin. The entire sequence was hands-down the most ridiculous thing this show has ever produced.

Best (or worst depending on who you’re talking to) side effect of this on-going crystal fiasco is that the circle is unbound! Solo magic for the win!

Ferry Boat Fiasco
Faye easily manages to free herself from captivity after having her individual power restored. Faye’s quickly joined by Jake, Melissa, and Adam, who sneak onto the boat to save her. Pshhhh, the girl can save herself! But not really…6 demons inside of a witch hunter can pretty easily trap a group of teenagers and set them on fire. Charles and Dawn to the rescue! It turns out, after an entire season of scheming to get their magic back all that pair had to do was finally seem invested in their childrens’ safety. Huh. So simple, so brilliant. Anyway, Charles’ mother sacrifices her powers so that Charles and Dawn can rush to the ferry boat to save their children and take down Eben.

Sarcasm aside, my favorite part of this episode was Charles’ sacrifice. After murdering Cassie’s mother in the pilot and killing his way through the first half of the season, it was a nice moment to see him atone for those actions by attracting Eben’s demons into his body.

Dark Magic. Again.
It all comes down to the dark magic per usual. Blackwell uses the skull to cast a spell that will kill any witch that doesn’t have Balcoin blood. The spell literally burns them from the inside. Gross.

Cassie once again harnesses her dark magic to defeat him but this time it isn’t enough. She has to turn her magic on Diana, who has never used her own dark magic. Their combined power is enough to reverse the spell an turn it on Blackwell himself, who ends up burning to death. Once again, gross.

Ending Montage
Jake and Faye: Chance Harbor’s newest power couple. Get it, girl!

Faye and Melissa: Very fitting moment to see these two back to being best friends, just acting like teenagers and having a dance party in Faye’s room.

Diana and that hot Australian guy: I get that she has no family anymore, but should ANY adult try to stop her from just taking off with some random that she barely knows?

Adam: Full on Gollum status right there. Bravo to Thomas Dekker for reaching an entirely new level of creepy. Cassie and Adam really are perfect for each other.

Cassie/The four silhouettes: THERE ARE MORE OF THEM. Clearly, after last week’s flashback reveal about pervy Blackwell we all should have assumed that more Blackwell spawn would show there faces in Chance Harbor at some point. Great cliffhanger!

If the show does end up returning for a second season, this finale has really given the writers a lot of great places to go. But if nothing else, this show introduced the U.S. to how awesome Phoebe Tonkin is and we must always be thankful for that.

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