REVIEW: The Secret Circle “Fire/Ice”

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This week’s Secret Circle episode, “Fire/Ice” continued to explore the growing strength of Cassie’s dark magic and its affect on the circle. Unfortunately, it sounds more exciting than it was.

Back in the fall when Secret Circle introduced dark magic into the equation, I thought we were on the edge of the show morphing into something great. Two episodes into the latter half of the season and all that potential has yet to transform into a consistently awesome show. The show vacillates between being a fun ride and completely boring. Sadly, this week’s episode fell into the boring category.

Cassie/Adam/Cassie’s Father
Cassie and Adam discover that Cassie’s father owned, and at one point lived in, the abandoned house that the circle uses as their magical warehouse. The two explore the basement of the house and discover a symbol carved into the ceiling that Cassie believes belongs to her father. Cassie doesn’t actually find out much about him, other than getting Adam’s dad (who has finally found sobriety. For now.) to sort of admit that Cassie’s father started the fire that killed himself and the other witches in their circle. Dark magic at its worst! Looks like Cassie’s headed in that direction soon if she doesn’t get a handle on her powers. Although, maybe she could accidentally get rid of Melissa before finally learning to control her magic. Poor Melissa has had nothing good to do all season. Let’s just put her out of her misery.

Faye/Hot Voodoo Guy
Faye is still jealous of Cassie’s solo magic. She teams up with the hot guy from last week’s episode and he helps her use a spell, stolen from Cassie’s book, to channel Cassie’s dark magic for herself. I think we all could have guessed that this wasn’t going to work out. Instead of channeling Cassie’s magic, Faye ends up taking magic from the other members of the circle and has to force hot voodoo guy to tell her how to reverse the spell, which she does but not before starting a huge fire during a school dance.

Cassie and Adam finally begin to accept their “destiny” and kiss in the basement of the abandoned house after surviving the fire. Heightened emotions and all that. I guess the Cassie/Adam shippers can go rejoice. (Has the show even been on long enough to have crazy Cassie/Adam shippers? I sort of doubt it.)

Just after Cassie and Adam kiss Jake strolls down into the basement breaking up their tender moment. Looks like next week, we’ll be back to the usual love triangle between these three. Hopefully, Jake brought along more exciting news and stories to explore other than his ongoing flirtation with Cassie.

Looking forward
As with any freshman show, there’s going to be a learning curve in the writers’ room as they figure out what stories work well and which characters pop on screen. For me, The Vampire Diaries didn’t become great until its second season and I think we’ll see a similar scenario for Secret Circle. But first, the writers need to figure out what kind of story they want to tell. Between Dawn/Charles, the Elders, Dark Magic, and demons/outside magical forces, there’s a bunch of stories and not a whole lot of cohesion between them.

The Secret Circle airs Thursday nights at 9 PM on the CW.

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