REVIEW: The Secret Circle “Traitor”

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Welcome to Grandma Jane’s wake. Cassie is upset, naturally. Complete strangers stare at her sympathetically in slowwww motionnnnn. Mostly, I’m just surprised there are so many other people in Chance Harbor. It’s been weeks since we’ve seen this many outsiders.

Oh look, there’s Diana. She and Cassie share an awkward sister/sister moment. Diana still hasn’t talked to Charles about whether he really is her father. Considering that we’ve seen his proclivity for angry crystal murder, it’s probably best that she wait a while. Let’s save the life of the poor soul who happens to be in close proximity when Charles learns that Blackwell has screwed with his life once again.

Everyone thinks that the witch hunters killed Jane. HOW DUMB ARE THESE PEOPLE?! *Insert random 30 second scene of Dawn not-so-subtly begging Blackwell for her powers*

Cassie has gone to the dark and twisty place. Jane was the last connection to her mother, and she’s feeling alone. Good thing Adam is there to comfort her. KISSING. Blackwell interrupts. Those poor kids can’t have 2 minutes alone.

Aaaand, here’s the scene we’ve all been waiting for: the Diana/Charles ‘are you my father?’ conversation. Gale Harold is acting up a storm. Diana’s mom and Charles went through a rough patch and separated for 3 weeks. 3 weeks and her mom had an affair with Blackwell. 3 WEEKS. What a whore. Poor sad Charles. First he gets bossed around by Dawn for months and now he has to tell his “daughter” that she’s the bastard child of another man. His life has not been great lately.

Giberrish gibberish latin. Cassie, Blackwell, Adam, and Melissa use magic to track down another crystal. It’s at Jake’s house. Faye and Jake are working through their grief in a not-so-healthy way. But at least they have a crystal. Faye stole it from her mother at the wake. That was EASY.

Diana tells Cassie that she told her father about Blackwell. FINALLY someone tells Cassie that it’s not a great idea to listen to everything Blackwell says. Diana is the only member of this bunch that deserves to live. The rest of them are just asking to be murdered in service of Blackwell’s evil plan.

Adam and Melissa break down the kiss he shared with Cassie at the wake. Melissa suggests they do some day drinking. I like the way she thinks. Is it just me or is Dekker been doing some really weird whisper acting in this episode?

The gang (minus Adam and Melissa who are still off getting drunk) have a pow wow at the abandoned house and discusses Diana’s status as a Blackwell. And then the house started shaking and one of the crystals literally disappeared through a magic hole in the desk. Faye put it best when she said, “we totally got out magic-ed in our own magic house”.

Jake suggests they go to Isaac for help on retrieving the crystal from the witch hunters. This time, the group will run a play without Blackwell. They’re getting smarter!

More Adam and Melissa drunk. CURSE CURSE CURSE. Sad eyes. Oh wait, there’s a coin that Adam’s grandfather used to use for magic tricks. Drunk Adam wants to try. First the coin is there and then it’s invisible. Cool?

Charles and Blackwell met up for some civil, mature discussions. JUST KIDDING. Charles hits Blackwell and then Blackwell chokes him in return.

Ian shows up in the woods instead of Isaac to deliver the bad news. Evan killed Isaac. Cassie lets her dark magic take over and tries to kill Ian because he’s a murderer. Only Diana is able to stop Cassie. Dark magic vs. dark magic. Looks like we’re getting a glimpse into a bigger battle that’s yet to come.

Adam’s drunken magic trick reveals a hidden space in the wall where the coin was hanging. They find all of Adam’s grandfather’s old things but the crystal isn’t there.

Blackwell recruits Dawn to help keep Charles and Diana in Chance Harbor. He promises her full power, the defeat of the elders, and the end of the witch hunters. Obviously, she’s basically salivating at the thought of all that power.

The rest of the circle heads to Hudson Field, the location the crystal locating map pinpointed. It’s an abandoned carnival. Faye: “I’ve had at least a dozen nightmares start this way”. Now, so will I. Thanks, Secret Circle.

“If we live, remind me to download this song. It’ll be perfect for my ‘running for your life’ treadmill mix”. Faye is ON FIRE tonight.

Dawn shows up to try to stop Charles from leaving. He tells her that Blackwell just wants an army of kids to do his bidding. Dawn agrees; Faye is already working for him and she thinks that this time it won’t be their spouses that die, it’ll be their kids. Blackwell must be stopped!

Faye and Jake discover Ian dead at the carnival. There are dead witch hunters everywhere! The traitor witch strikes again!

Adam and Melissa discover that the crystal isn’t at the carnival, it’s at the high school. Adam’s cloaking spell on the coin helped lift its last protection. Diana gives Cassie the judgment eyes about her dark magic. Diana thinks killing is wrong and she won’t stop reminding her of that. The nice emotional moment is ruined by the appearance of the traitor witch; the chase is on!

Run run run. Chase chase chase. Cassie uses her dark magic to shoot a spear and it takes the trait down. Shocking reveal: it’s Nick! I certainly didn’t see that coming!

Secret Circle has really been stepping it up for the last few episodes, and I can’t wait to see the fallout from this Nick’s reappearance! Also, Faye’s dialogue was pitch perfect this week. More please.

The Secret Circle airs Thursday nights at 9 PM on the CW.

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