REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “Bad Moon Rising”

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In “Bad Moon Rising,” we’ve got some movement on this whole werewolf situation, which is pretty good stuff.

So we start with my question from last week getting answered. Alaric has apparently been around because he’s at the Salvatore Estate at the beginning of this episode because it’s time for a little pow-wow to figure out what the deal is with the Lockwood Men. He mentions that Isobel definitely did a little research on Lycanthropes (werewolves for those not in the know). It’s decided that Alaric (I know people call him Ric(k?), but I don’t like that, Alaric has a lot more pizazz so we’ll stick with that), Damon, and Elena are going to road trip it to Duke to do a little digging into Isobel’s research. Stefan is going to hang back at the ranch because someone has to keep Caroline out of trouble. Elena and Stefan lament that he can’t come, and Elena is not thrilled to have to spend extended time with Damon. Good thing that her sort of, not really though stepdad will be there. Elena and Stefan do a little making out in front of Damon because it’s only right to mark your territory.

On the other side of Mystic Falls (it could be the same side, I don’t know), Tyler and Hot Uncle Mason are playing in the woods? I don’t know, that’s the best I can call it. They’re sort of running around and doing other things, exploring? Yeah, you get the picture. They happen upon an underground cellar that is trés creepy, it’s all spiderwebby and dank, and I think I saw some skeletons? I don’t know I could be imagining it. Anyway, it’s gross. Back at the house, Tyler asks his mom what the deal is with the cellar, and she seriously WASPs out on us. She’s all like, well, we don’t like to talk about it (slaves, shh).

On the other, other side of town, there is some sadness going on in the form of Caroline sitting on the floor at her house with Matt knocking. But, she can’t answer the door because she can’t be in the sunlight. She slumps to the floor, and it starts to break my cold, cold heart. You know what, I’ve decided to love Caroline. She’s awesome.

So Damon, Alaric, and Elena have officially embarked on an adventure of a lifetime while Stefan recruits Bonnie for Operation Sunlight. He has her make a ring so Caroline can also sort of rejoin the world and be a Daywalker like the Salvatore brothers (and half the vampires we’ve met on this show). Bonnie is so not feeling it, but does it because she loves who her friend once was. Caroline totally questions Bonnie’s powers, but it works. I’m still on the fence about Bonnie, because she’s sort of a pain in the ass. But, when I really think about it, I totally get where she is coming from.

So, our gang has arrived at Duke and they meet Isobel’s old research assistant/student. She leads them back to where Isobel’s work is. Boy, I didn’t think we’d get access this easy. Gosh, this is awesome…Oh crap, a crossbow. So, yeah, this chick definitley takes a crossbow to Elena, but Damon jumps in front and gets shot instead. It’s sort of touching, but they are so on the outs still since Damon “killed” Jeremy. (He’s claiming he saw the ring of protection, but Elena is not buying this bag of goods). Meanwhile, Alaric goes after the research assistant, and she is like what the hell man?! That was Katherine and Damon! And Elena steps into explain the situation. Ok, now she’s all caught up and we get back to some hardcore study time.

Back in Mystic Falls, Stefan and Caroline continue on in their Mr. Myagi/ Ralph Macchio thing. He’s teaching her how to hunt fluffy bunnies in the woods. She’s getting all kooky like she normally does, and Stefan does some chuckling. She’s like what the heck man?! And he’s like, wellll, I forgot that when you’re a vampire, you’re natural behaviors are amplified. He explains how he was this empathetic person with so much feeling for others (way to think highly of yourself btw), and now that’s on overdrive. She says, so now I’m an “insecure, neurotic control freak on crack.” Seriously, love her. After some bunny tar-tar for lunch, Stefan and Caroline head to the water hole on the old Lockwood property to hang out with peeps. Stefan things Caroline’s relationship with Matt is good because it will ground her in good things rather than eating people. When they get there, Stefan and Hot Uncle Mason exchange what Caroline calls Stefan’s serious look. Heh. Caroline marches up to Matt as this chick Amy is trying to get all up in his grill. Caroline is definitley jealous and compels this chick to find a single guy to stalk. Matt is like cut the crap Caroline.

Meanwhile, the Three Musketeers are learning more about werewolves via the research assistant. Full moon, yada yada, you know the drill. Elena calls Stefan to fill him in on the situation and warns him that a werewolf bite can kill a vampire. Good to know.

So now things are getting weird, and by weird, I mean kinda hot. Hot Uncle Mason is chaining himself up in the creepy cellar (presumably because it’s going to be a full moon and he wants to protect the people around him from himself). BUT, just as finishes with the chains, his annoying nephew brings the scorned Amy down there for some alone time (Seriously, what girl would go there? Desperate much?) He unchains himself and hightails it out of there and ends up chilling in his truck for werewolf time. P.S. The transformation seems really painful, he needs to take some lessons from Oz on Buffy. Amy also realizes that she doesn’t want to be there because she likes Matt and is really confused why she event went with Tyler. Heh.

Before our pals leave Duke, Elena asks the research assistant if she knows anything about Doppelgangers because she clearly has one. Not much is cleared up here. Damon, however, gives Elena a book he found entitled Petrova and hopes that it can help Elena out as Katherine’s real name was Katerina Petrova (she came from Europe. He then asks if he lost Elena(‘s friendship) forever. Silence.

Anyway, Caroline and Matt are having some teenage carousing in the woods and start to make out. She starts to get a little rough, and Matt hurts himself on a tree. She gets really excited by the blood and starts to lick it; he is totally not feeling this. She then goes for the jugular, literally. Luckily, Stefan intervenes before she can drain him. Hot Uncle Mason in werewolf form then appears ready to be all animal like (by the way, he is totally not scary. My friend R literally laughed at the size of him. Come on now, we’ve seen Twilight, we have high wolf expectations people!). Tyler comes to join the party and wolf Mason runs away. Caroline then compels Matt so he’ll just think that an animal attached him. Caroline is really upset with herself and Stefan totally understands where she’s coming from as he can’t stay away from Elena. Also, Hot Uncle Mason appears to Tyler all naked and dirty and human; clearly a discussion needs to be had.

Later that night? The next day? Caroline walks into the restaurant and sees Amy chatting Matt up again. She just looks really sad you guys, but she knows what she has to do. She goes and makes a scene again prompting Matt to break up with her because if anyone needs a drama-free life, it’s this guy. I’m feeling so sad for her because she was so selfless.

Damon and Elena are talking on the front porch after the road trip while Alaric makes out with Aunt Jenna. He totally admits that he didn’t know Jeremy was wearing the ring of protection when he “killed” him. But, he apologizes! And explains that he was in an emotionally weird place! But, Elena shuts him down fast and tells him that he has lost her forever. I know that this is not true, but it still makes me a little sad.

End Scene: Katherine shows up in Caroline’s bedroom and is obviosuly ready for some Havoc. Sweet.

I’m also going to give this episode a B+. I liked it very much, but I wasn’t edge of my seat or anything. But, I’m glad we learned a little bit more about the werewolf lore as every writer has a different story for their supernatural beings. I’m also loving the development of Caroline’s character. She’s getting really awesome. I am most interested to see what the deal with the doppelganger situation is though. There are so many interesting places that they could take this storyline. I definitley trust that the writers are going to take us on another awesome journey this season!

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