REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “Brave New World”

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E of Flashback Friday fame is back to recap and review The Vampire Diaries this season! Please welcome her!

Season 2 is already off to an ridiculous/awesome start with Brave New World (Aldous Huxley is so jealous he didn’t think to include vampires in his book). So, the episode starts with Caroline waking up in the hospital and having a little chat in the hallway with a night nurse who is tired of life, for real. The nurse sends her back to her room, but Caroline ends up stealing a bag of blood from someone who is getting a transfusion (which makes me sort of sad for the dude that needs this blood, but that’s sort of the least of humanity’s problems tonight on the VD). She’s grossed out at first, but then totally goes to town on this bag of blood like it’s a Pacific Cooler Capri-Sun.

Meanwhile, Elena and Bonnie are setting up for a carnival (how many events does this town/school have?!). They are doing the best they can, but they’re worried Caroline will flog them because she’s sort of crazy. (Side Note: Is Caroline dumb? I sometimes can’t tell because she seems to get things done. But, other times, she sort of seems, I don’t know…dim.) Elena and Bonnie comment that she’s so amazing at getting stuff done, because she’s not human, obviously. Ha! If you only knew ladies, if you only knew.

OK, there is also the werewolf stuff going on with Tyler and hot Uncle Mason. They like to run and jump and do things that will make certain asthmatics cry. Damon is also at the Mayor’s mansion (who nobody really seems to miss that much) and Mrs. Widowed Mayor asks Damon to spearhead the No-More Vampire Council. Hehe, that Damon is glad to take on this proud role.

Damon and Stefan then exchange some quips.

OK, so Caroline is actually even crazier as a vampire than she was a human. Which I guess sort of makes sense. Matt comes to visit her in the hospital, and she sort of wants to eat him. She tells him she needs to get the hell out of dodge (the hospital) tonight. He then opens some curtains, and she freaks about the light. She snaps “Close It” and it is hilarious and awesome.

Also, hot Uncle Mason wants a magic moonstone that should be in the house somewhere that was passed on by Grandma Werewolf. Tyler totally knows what he’s talking about but gets all shifty-eyed about it.

So, back to Crazy Caroline. She has got to get out of the hospital. She drinks from the Hate My Life Nurse because she’s hunnnggggrryyy. And then she compels her so she can leave. If anyone asks about the bandage on the nurse’s neck, she’s instructed to tell them that her husband likes to get kinky. Oh Caroline. She also has a bunch of awesome quotes including “God Bless Elena, but she does not understand fabulous” and “I don’t know how that works, but it’s brilliant” <– in reference to compelling.

Back at the carnival, there is an arm wrestling thang going on where hot Uncle Mason is kickin’ ass and takin’ names. Damon volunteers Stefan and he loses, ha. Damon scolds him for not trying, but he totally did guys! Hot Uncle Mason is super strong!

Caroline then confronts Damon about all the crap he did to her in the first season because now she remembers and it is all very “Take Back the Night.” Damon really wants to off Caroline before she can start trouble. Elena is nay, Stefan could go either way.

This carney (carnie?) dude then starts a fight with Tyler because Damon compelled him to do so to try to figure out what the deal is. Tyler goes berzerk, hot Uncle Mason steps in and his eyes are all yellow and glowy. He takes care of things and leaves carney guy be (he’s safe and alive) as he escorts Tyler out of there. Tyler is confused, which is not a new feeling for Tyler.

Caroline then totally drinks from and kills the carney that just got a new lease on life, which a major bummer for him (and Bonnie who he was making eyes at earlier). Caroline is then the Mayor of Breakdown City. Damon tries to kill her. Elena stands in front of Caroline to block Damon because she is sort of a badass in a human way. Bonnie tries to light Damon on fire because she blames him for Caroline’s new persona. Stefan then gets all Yoda on us and teaches Caroline to hone her jedi strength so that she doesn’t kill people all the time (make that, any of the time).

We have some closing scenes with Jeremy waiting at Damon’s house ready to kill him. But he doesn’t. There is sort of an awesome frenemy/bromance thing going on here. Back at the mayor’s house, Tyler finds the magic moon stone underneath the floorboards in his dad’s office with some floppy disks (what the heck?!). Matt comes to Caroline’s house, and she is able to hug him with out getting her veiny face on. (I feel a little touched here. Does anyone else feel really sorry for Matt? Because I do.) We end with Stefan and Elena having some romantic time on the Ferris Wheel (he flies her to the top, it’s all very Cullen-esque). He tells her that they just need to live their lives the best they can because crazy crap is always going to be happening.

I give this episode a B+. I liked it a lot, but I want to leave room for more awesomeness ahead. It definitley opened up some interesting paths for us (Damon the head of the council, werewolf madness, Caroline and Stefan’s Mr. Myagi/Ralph Macchio relationship). I can’t wait to see where the writers take us this season because this show is always action packed. I do have one question though: where the heck is Alaric?


  • Rachael B
    posted on September 24th, 2010 at 6:44 am

    Love me some E recaps =) I totally thought about Capri-Sun as well when Caroline went to town on the blood bag! I really hope Matt survives crazy vampire Caroline…I’m genuinely concerned for his well-being…

  • Rachael B
    posted on September 24th, 2010 at 6:54 am

    Also I believe you should officially call him “Hott Uncle Mason” from here on out.

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