REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “A View to a Kill”

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A View to a Kill

Hey peeps! Sorry I was out last week; I was feeling like the grossness. Last week was good ya’ll though. I mean, really, this alone: “You don’t know what I look like when I don’t love you.” Hot dang, those are some words. In any case, TVD is new again this week with ‘A View to a Kill.’

So, we basically have one major plot going on this week with some small things revolving around the main issue. Basically, we’re here to kill Kol. (Just when I decided that I sort of enjoy him). Elena has devised a plan where they get the white oak stake and Jeremy takes care of bidness. In doing this, we’ll kill a bunch of vamps and Jer Bear’s hunter’s mark should be completed. There’s a lot of moving pieces to get things done. Elena gets Stefan on board (although he clearly feels a little guilty because he’s lying to Rebekah to get her stake…they’re naked friends now, so you get it). Damon, however, is left out of the plan. He is currently in the family dungeon being guarded by Klaus and doling out lady advice (obviously not enough Damon in this episode).

The plan is for Elena to be like, hey Kol, let’s have a truce. Come hang. He gets there too quick though (how rude!). Meanwhile, Stefan is keeping Rebekah busy by teaching her about the 80s at the cancelled Decade Dance (cancelled by Bonnie’s dad because he is the biggest drag ever). Matt is supposed to get the stake, but she figures out sort of what the deal is and capitulates because she too doesn’t want to vamp it out anymore. Elena also needs Bonnie as part of the plan. Bonnie is supposed to use her fancy new magic, now chocked with extra evil, to keep Kol at bay so Jer can stake Kol (sort of cheating?). However, Bonnie’s dad (and vampire mom!) won’t let her leave the house. She does eventually lay the smack down and scoot though. But, Elena and Jeremy rock this out by taking Kol out on their own with some vervain water in the pipes (thanks Bonnie’s dad) and a good ol’ white oak stake. Klaus gets there just in time to see him go up in flames. He is feeling all the feelings and is ready to kill.

We end with the whole gang together devising future plans and watching Jeremy’s hunter’s mark form (everyone can see it now, yep).

I like this episode people! Some things really happened. Man, I really thought we were gonna draw out this Kol death thing, but the TVD crew didn’t let me down. This is not related to anything, but where would these kids be without texting?! They use it so much for their crime fighting. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing where this all goes now that we can really get down to business. I’m also pretty interested to see Elena’s inevitable jealousy at the Stefakah situation. I will end with this: can someone please buy me a koala corsage? I want one so bad right now.


  • I have exact the same koala corsage even when I’m from Europe …jealous ;)

    Love Stebekah, but the moraliy Elena lives in feels weird. She doesn’t seem to feel bad about killing anymore, but still points out that Rebekah is bad…Rebekah basically did the same thing Elena did this episode she killed to save her family and herself and it was Elena. Elena let Jeremy kill Kol and so thousends of vampire…I really don’t understand why Elena has the nerve to judge others.
    And she forgives Damon for killing Jeremy while Damon had no good reason to do that.

  • Great recap…. First of all… I was SO disappointed Kol was killed. I was hoping he would be part of the spinoff… And there’s only 3 of them left? I know Elijah will be joining Klaus, not sure if Becks will joint them as well? With Finn gone… Well, not too many originls to begin a new show with… Anywho… You forgot one major detail… Jeremy’s upper body. Holy mole, the kid is jacked…. I will admit to watching him rip that shirt off a few times… So Elena… Hatin’ HER hatin’ on Becks. Really? Lets just dagger and be done with it? I find Becks so much vulnerable than Elena. Can’t wait for Klaus and Caroline l’s face to face after his killing mrs Lockwood. Klaus is so good when he’s vulnerable…. Crazy killer thing aside.
    And Stefan rocks. The dude is so much better when not pinning for Elena. More please!

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