REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “After School Special”

January 18th, 2013 by


Hey all, TVD is new again with ‘After School Special.’ The TV Chick liked my to the point summary last time, so we’ll stick with that.

Our main storyline tonight is…Rebekah is back! And guys, she is mad. Like really mad. And she wants everyone to pay for it. She has a little minion, April. (Guys, seriously. April is the worst). Rebekah is holding Elena, Caroline, and Stefan hostage in the library and compelling them to tell the truth. It’s pretty awful. Elena told Stefan about all her feeeeelings for Damon and how she’s fo sho not in love with Stefan anymore. Caroline is appropriately outraged.

Rebekah then calls Tyler and makes him come rescue his girlfriend and get all wolfy. He’s a strong man and holds out for a bit. But, our gang runs out of the library as things get rough. (Caroline ends up finding a naked sad Tyler on the gym floor where his mom’s memorial was – there’s weeping). Meanwhile Bonnie comes to the school because she saw Kol kidnap the Professor. She does some ‘expression.’ April almost dies (shame) as does the Professor as Kol stabs him after him and Rebekah find out about Silas. But they’re alive at the end thanks to Bonnie magic and Stefan blood. [Ed. Note: And the Professor’s weird inability to die.] Rebekah then comes to Stefan at the end. Stefan tells her the Professor is alive, and Rebekah tells Stefan about the Professor’s plan. They decide to become a team, woo hoo!

Also, we have a new interim mayor, huzzah! His name is Rudy Hopkins, and he’s your worst nightmare. Just kidding, he’s just Bonnie’s absentee father. He’s decided to take a break from the wild world of pharmaceutical sales to deal with his witch of a kid (he no likey witches). April talks to him at the end about her father and how he wouldn’t have done that on his own – blame the Professor! In slayer training news, Jeremy is still roiding out to prepare for his journey. Matt is still helping. Damon is still watching over. Klaus is still being a pain while butting in. He forces Jer Bear to kill the newly turned pizza girl (the pizza girl!). And then at the end (after Elena and Damon confess their true love 4-eva on the phone), Klaus lures Jer Bear to a bar where all these almost vamps are waiting for a killin.’

So that’s that peeps. Lots of drama for our mystical friends (see what I did there?). I was so sad the Professor was still alive. He’s the worst. I’m looking forward to Rudy Hopkins cleaning up Mystic Falls though. And I’m curious to see what Bonnie does with her new powers going forward. I really don’t know how I feel about the many loves of Elena anymore either. When she was with Stefan, I rooted for Damon and vice versa. Guess I want what I can’t have. I am very excited for the new Rebakah/Stefan partnership though!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 PM on the CW.

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