REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “Down The Rabbit Hole”

February 15th, 2013 by

Down the Rabbit Hole

‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ is our latest episode of TVD, and I’d say the ending theme song should be “My doppelganger is back, and there’s gonna be trouble (hey now, hey now…my doppelganger is back).” You know where this is going obvs.

So, like last week, our players are all in the same places. Klaus, Caroline, and Tyler are still in Mystic Falls. Bonnie, Jeremy, and the Professor are closest in the race to the Silas situation. Damon is with the other hunter, Galen. Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena are a tenuous little crew (that lasts about .7 seconds). There also is some other mystery person on the island. Gee, I wonder who it could be?!

Anyway, Bonnie’s blood spills in the cave and things start to open and get moving. Rocks are falling and she zaps the tattoo off of Jer Bear with some expression. The Professor gets injured, and they leave him there as they travel on because, you know, he sucks. Bonnie sees Grams, but it’s not really Grams. It’s just Silas hallucinations (you’ve seen this already in Buffy season 7).

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, there’s been some decoding going on of the sword. The verdict is…there’s only one dose of the cure. he gang back on the island finds out, and Stefan wants the cure for Elena. Elena wants the cure for Elena. Damon wants the cure for Elena because Elena wants the cure for Elena. Pretty much everyone wants the cure for Elena. Except Rebekah. Rebekah wants the cure for Rebekah. And Galen wants the cure for Silas so he can raise him and kill him. Katherine inserts herself into all of this by feeding Jeremy’s blood to Silas to wake him just a bit so she can get the cure from his gross hands. She wants to be human I guess. [Ed. Note: Or she has some sort of large master plan.] Galen has stabbed Bonnie. And Silas kills Jeremy. It’s really very sad. Also, Tyler has to leave town again on the head start Klaus gave him because of his affection for Caroline. There is another sad Caroline/Tyler goodbye. Basically, things are really bad for just about everyone. But, everything is coming up roses for Silas and Katherine?

So yes, a lot happened in this episode. Jeremy died for the millionth and maybe final time? I can’t really get a good gauge on this yet. I think there’s eventually going to be a rekindling between Stefan and Elena though from what we saw. I’ve got the sads for Tyler and Caroline. I don’t know peeps. Things are dire for our attractive Mystic Falls friends.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 PM on the CW Network.

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