REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “Stand By Me”

February 22nd, 2013 by


Peeps, I don’t know. I just don’t know. I kind of think this show is just getting too sad. Is that a thing? It’s got to be because seriously, it’s just too much. ‘Stand By Me’ is our latest episode of TVD, and as you may have guessed…it’s sad. Not even tear inducing though, just sort of numb sad.

Basically, the story is that Elena is in some denial about Jeremy. She and Stefan bring his body back to Mystic Falls because she’s in denial that his ring isn’t working (on account of him now being supernatural). Damon and Rebekah stayed on the island to look for Bonnie. They also do a little torturing of that other hunter dude to see what he knows about Katherine. Meanwhile, Bonnie is with the Professor who is trying to convince her to get down with his crazy plan. He does convince her when she learns of Jeremy (especially when she truly realizes her grief). Basically, he needs her to help Silas bring down the veil between our reality and the purgatory in which the dead supernatural reside. This would bring all the monsters back.

Back in Mystic Falls, everyone is just really…sad, grief-stricken. I don’t know. Elena at first is really stuck on Jer Bear coming back. Matt tries to help her through this. Caroline wants to make a (blood?) casserole. Stefan is sad he can’t do more probably. Bad news all around. When Bonnie comes back and tells her the plan (and everyone else obvs), she loses it and is ready to light the whole dang house on fire with Jeremy’s body in it because it’s totes unacceptable to bring all the monsters back (thank you Elena…side eye to you Bonnie). She is in so much pain guys, it’s terrible. Damon uses his sire bond to make her turn off her humanity. She still ends up lighting the house on fire and peacing out. Meanwhile, Rebekah is still on the island. And she runs into a very injured the Professor. Whuuttt? Wasn’t he just in Mystic Falls with Bonnie looking alive and well? Yeah, I’m guessing Silas took control of him. I don’t know, things are sad and weird. Matt was crying in his truck alone, which is as sad to me as the elderly eating dinner alone every night.

So yeah. I really don’t know if I liked this or not. It really is just starting to feel like too much. I mean, we have taken everyone from Elena pretty much. Did we really have to take her brother? I don’t know, maybe they’ll bring him back somehow. It just feels a little emotionally manipulative at this point. I’m not really looking forward to dealing with ‘turned off’ Elena. I feel like she’ll be annoying. So that’s that peeps. Hopefully things turn around for the Mystic Falls gang.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 PM on the CW.

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