August 13th, 2010

Hello Flashback Friday Fans! I’ve got another top 5 for you this week…My Top 5 TGIF moments.  If you were born in the late 70s/early 80s, TGIF was a mainstay of one’s weekly routine.  If you didn’t know what happened to Michelle Tanner when you got into school on Monday, than you weren’t anyone.  I can still remember cringing when 9:59 pm rolled around, and I knew 20/20 was just around the corner.  Anyway, here’s the list!
5) Dinosaurs. Period.  I’m not even going to pick a moment because they were all so good.  I loved this show with the fire of a thousand suns when I was a kid. It even won a couple of awards people.  I don’t know if I could handle too much of “Not the mama” now as an adult, but I loved hearing it as a kid. 
4) Next up is a Family Matters moment.  Now, generally, I actually couldn’t handle this show.  I mean, I watched it every week of course, but it did not earn my love.  I could easily play some My Little Ponies while I watched.  However, when Urkel became Stefan was a most awesome moment(s).  Stefan was so cool, and I didn’t have to listen to Urkel’s voice. Score.  Bonus points generally speaking for Mother Winslow. Word.
3) Number 3 on my list is the Full House episode “Shape Up” when DJ starts crash dieting so that she can look great in a bathing suit at Kimmy’s Pool Party.  I can still distinctly remember the sandwich that she fed to Comet instead of eating it. (In all honesty, that sandwich looked nasty anyway.  Barely any meat, no condiments. What the heck?!  It’s what my mom would call a “Bread Sandwich.” Feh.) But, I digress.  After a few days of eating ice, DJ is working it at the gym and faints.  Becky has a talk with her about staying healthy and all is well.  If only all life’s problems could be wiped away in 22 minutes with the guidance of Rebecca Donaldson/Katsopolis.
2) Number 2 for me would have to be when Topanga and Cory first kissed.  We just knew that Topanga was going to be a character we were going to see a lot more of.  I was always just about the age of the characters on this show, so I felt really connected to this moment (although my first kiss was less awesome).  Cory and Topanga remain for me one of my favorite TV couples. 
1) OK people, my number 1 TGIF moment is actually for a show that was nowhere near my favorite at the time.  However, it still gets my number 1 spot.  It is the Perfect Strangers theme song.  People, this song rocks.  Well, maybe not rocks, but it does inspire me to sing it at the top of my lungs (off-key of course).  Yes, Balki was rather hilarious, and there was some funny moments on the show for sure.  But nothing can compare to standing in your parent’s 80s style family room and belting out “STANDING TALL, ON THE WINGS OF MY DREAMS…”  Please see Little E’s dramatic reenactment for visual proof of the awesomeness. 

So, there you have it, my randomly chosen top 5 TGIF moments.  I have so many favorite moments, I had trouble picking (and these could change from day-to-day).  I mean we didn’t even get to talk about Mr. Belvedere (also awesome theme song), Step-by-Step, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Sabrina the Teenage Witch or the others.  So, tell me what your top 5 would be!  

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Boy Meets World, Week 7

July 23rd, 2010

E here again! Sorry for my disappearance the last couple of weeks. I was on vacation with no access to ABC Family, which is practically a necessity in my life.  In fact, my DVR was not able to handle all of the magic it recorded while I was away and filled itself up between all of the old shows I don’t erase, Boy Meets World, and the magnitude of ABC summer programming.  Guys, Payson (on Make It or Break It) is now going to be an artistic gymnast rather than a power gymnast.  Important Stuff.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, Boy Meets World.  This is the last week of the final season.  Today officially reverted back to the first season.  I feel bummed that I didn’t get to recap the wedding episode or when Cory and Topanga move into that crappy married people housing. But, hey, there’s always next time.

The first episode we’ll talk about is “How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back.”  I love this episode because it highlights Cory’s square-ness.  The story basically is that everyone thinks Cory and Topanga are sort of lame married people, and Topanga wants to break out of this by shaking things up.  Cory tells her that they will throw a party, and it will basically be epic.  He hands out these magnificent flyers, and Shawn gets sort of mean.  And is all like, well, the party of the year is the same night, but I’m sure your party will be over early.  Yeah, it probably will, but you don’t have to be a jerk about it Shawn.  Cory then points out to Shawn on the flyer that the party goes from 8pm until ?.  I love this with all my heart.  Anyway, let’s jump to the party.  Topagna makes quiche; Cory pulls out the game of Clue and is wearing a cardigan.  And nobody comes of course.  Shawn, Angela, and Rachel peek in and see the how pathetic they look, so they go round up some other people to come to the party.  When they get back, Cory and Topanga are on the floor after having some sort of a make-up make-out session after having a food fight/actual fight about who made the party suck more.  For the record, I blame Cory. There is also a really awful side story going on with Jack and Eric, and Eric being able to see the future, lotto tickets, lotto tickets getting destroyed, etc.  I’m not going to dignify it more than that because I hate that type of B-plot.

So, yes, we’re going to focus on the series finale, but before I move onto that, let me just say, one of least favorite episodes was also on this week, “As Time Goes By.” This is the episode where Topagna randomly goes back in time to the 1940s where we have ourselves some weird Noir thing going on, and she doesn’t remember anything.  This episode is what I call a “Swim Team” Episode.  I’m going to now explain my lingo, so that you can use it in the future.  This refers back to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode (which is my favorite show of all time and forever will be).  However, there was an episode entitled “Go Fish” towards the end of season 2.  OK, so there is a lot going on in the Buffy-verse at this moment, but we leave all of that behind to concentrate on this lame storyline about the swim team members turning into gill monsters.  It always makes me angry.  So, whenever you see an episode that concentrates on lame stuff that has nothing to do with anything when it instead should be being awesome, it is a “Swim Team” Episode.  Copyright E, 1998.

Anyway, the finale is going to be easy to recap because they do the worst thing a TV show could possibly do, especially for a series finale.  They make a clip show.  It’s called “Brave New World,” but it should really be called “Crap You’ve Already Seen.” Here’s what happens.

  • Topanga tells Cory she doesn’t want to go to NY for an internship at a law firm because their lives are in PA. Cory is happy, but knows they should go.
  • Cut to clips with Cory and Shawn freaking out.
  • Cory goes to Feeny for advice who tells him about his plant that was doing well in the house, but had to be transferred to the outdoor garden to thrive. You see where he is going with this, right?
  • Cut to clips with Feeny giving advice.
  • Cut to a million more other random clips.
  • Amy is mean because she is all sad about Cory leaving, but then is all smiles when she finds out Eric is going as well.
  • Shawn and Cory have an emo breakdown about being separated.
  • Cut to clips of Cory and Shawn being BFFs.
  • Topanga apparently has packed Shawn’s one bag, and says he is coming as well.
  • Also, Jack is giving up his money and is going to join the Peace Corps with Rachel. The ghost of Chet appears in this convo and is mad about him giving up his money, but then happy about his sons.  Weird.
  • Cut to some Jack and Eric clips, including one from like two episodes before. Lame.
  • Cory then is outside with his little brother, who they have aged about 3 years in 15 episodes.  And he tells him stuff about life including how Mr.Feeny will probably teach you every grade your in, heh. The kid is sort of a bad actor, which I realize is mean, because he is really little.  But the Olsen twins at that age would have knocked that scene out of the park.  And I actually mean that sort of seriously.
  • Cut to some more clips, blah blah blah.  There’s also a really long Cory and Topanga montage at some point.
  • The last scene of the series takes place back in the high school with Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Eric going and sitting in their old seats with Eric hanging in back.  Feeny is there and gives them some more life advice including “Believe in Yourselves, “Dream,” “Try,” and “Do Good.”
  • More clips.
  • Everyone tells Feeny that they won’t forget him, which I think is a weird thing to say.  Because why would they forget him? He was a major part of their lives for like the past 10 years or so.  They also want Feeny to tell them that he loves them and that they’re his faves.  He won’t.
  • Everyone leaves the room except for Cory and Feeny.  Feeny calls Cory Mr. Matthews, and Cory says that they’ve know each other long enough for him to call him Cory. Mr. Feeny says that they’ve known each other long enough to call Cory Cornelius, heh. Some emotional talk ensues. Cory leaves.
  • We end with Mr. Feeny saying, “I love you all, class dismissed.”  I then cried because I have issues.

Overall, lame finale, because clip shows make the Hulk angry.  But it still made me cry my own tears.  Comment back with your favorite series finale!

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Boy Meets World, Week 6

June 25th, 2010

E is back again for another Flashback Friday.  Sorry that I missed last week, but a certain cable provider was digging new lines and destroyed my lines to another certain cable provider.  It was disastrous.  No one takes away my cable and interwebz! Anyway, we’re back, and boy howdy, there is a lot going on up in this Boy Meets World piece.

Here’s a run down for you before we get started on our in depth exploration.

  1. Shawn met and started dating Angela.
  2. Cory kissed that hussy at the ski lodge.
  3. Cory and Topanga break up.
  4. Cory drinks booze to get over his heartbreak! Scandalous!
  5. Topanga goes on a date with a guy who likes Van Gogh.
  6. But, guys, he is trying too hard and is so not Cory.
  7. Yay, Cory and Topanga are back together!
  8. Everyone goes to prom, we’re gonna party like it’s 1999!
  9. Amy Matthews is pregnant. She is sort of old.
  10. College plans are hard.  Should Topanga go to Yale?
  11. Read more…

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Boy Meets World, Week 5

June 11th, 2010

E is here, and you know what that means. Time for another Flashback Friday.  OK, guys, this was a really dramatic week on Boy Meets World.  For serious, important stuff.  Let’s jump into our spotlight episode, or should I say episodes? That’s right, we’re focusing on a 2-parter today… “A Long Walk to Pittsburgh.”

  • OK, so the episode starts with Eric walking into Chubby’s (He’s having a lucid few episodes around this point).  And he totally catches Shawn and Topanga having an intimate moment.  He hugs and kisses her, oh, heck no!
  • Eric then tries to sort of gently let Cory know what he saw by providing him with steak and cake.  I love steak! Oh, and Morgan is there, bugging the heck out of me again complaining about her grilled cheese.
  • Cory sort of melts down and confronts Shawn and Topanga at school after he can’t get a hold of either of them on the phone. Cory confronts Shawn with a knock knock joke, oh Cory, never change.  Shawn tells Cory that he needs to talk to Topanga, but he was not making a play for his woman.  Oh, also, when Cory is talking to Shawn at Chubby’s, Eric comes in and jacks Shawn against the wall, and it is awesome.
  • Cory then climbs into Topanga’s room (which is filled with packed boxes, spoiler alert!) and kisses her.  After, he pronounces, “I wanted to be the last one to kiss you before I killed you.” Creeeeeepy.
  • Anyway, Topanga breaks the news that she is moving to Pittsburgh because her mom got a new job there.  Cory and Topanga then act sad together.
  • Amy Matthews then becomes an enemy of love when she basically tells Cory that he should date other girls and chill the heck out.  Do you think Betsy Randle is just mad that she has to be in an Advil commercial now for her arthritis? I do. Cory then tells everyone that they’re going to make it work like Romeo and Juliet did, heh.  Don’t worry, Feeny explains the ending to him and tells him he believes in their love!
  • Cory then goes to Topanga and tells her that they should just get married and live in an abandoned home in an upscale neighborhood with no bugs.  Love it, oh Cory. Topanga is like, no, I have to go to Pittsburgh fool.  But, we’ll call and mail letters.
  • Shawn then tells Cory that he’s not worried because he’s watched a lot of TV, and the girl never leaves. We’re getting self-reflexive up in this piece again.
  • But, she does leave, with Shawn saying “What the hell kind of TV show is this?!”
  • AND SCENE! Onto the second part.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Boy Meets World, Week 4

June 4th, 2010

E here with another Flashback Friday!  We’re moving along here people, Cory got his license this week.  Big doings! There was some alright episodes this week, not a heck of a lot of lol’ing however.

Let’s get started with a brief look at “Shallow Boy.”  This episode is mostly Eric-centric.  He is the shallow boy referenced in the title after all.  So, the story is, Eric asks out this really annoying singer/songwriter that is playing right outside of the wilderness store.  People are starting to lose their minds so Alan has Eric take her out to lunch and ask her to move along.  She is way peppy and is even grating on Eric while they eat lunch.  He then freaks outs on her and tells her how irritating she is.  OK, this is kind of sad to me.  Sure, she’s a big weirdo, but she’s trying to look on the bright side of things.  Why did you have to be such a big jerk Eric Matthews?! You are a bigger loser than her! Anyway, she sort of has a psychotic break after this and turns really dark…and her music career skyrockets with hits such as “Shallow Boy” and “Maladjusted Loser Freak.”  Morgan sings the latter while listening to her Walkman and reminds me how much I hate the ‘new’ Morgan; she is really awful.  Things come full circle when the girl asks to meet Eric at Chubby’s.  She needs new material because her darkness is just not coming naturally.  He turns her sunshiney again by singing show tunes from “Annie.” Brilliant. Also, the writers got self-reflective on us when they had Cory and a kid Topanga was babysitting for talk about the Friday night line up and that show with the curly-headed kid that was moved to the 9:30 slot from the 8:30 even though it was performing well.  Heh, love it.

Another classic episode featuring the weirdness that is Cory and Shawn was on this week: “An Affair to Forget.”  This really tall girl that Shawn is dating makes him stop talking to Cory because she doesn’t like him.  They see each other in the shadows of the night with secret rendezvous until Shawn finally gives this chick the boot.  Cory and Shawn 4-eva.

Onto our featured episode of the week…”Wheels.” This is classic Boy Meets World.  It’s the episode where Cory gets his license, yay! I don’t know what about being a teenager makes you into a heinous drama queen, but it’s true.  It was true for me, and it’s true for Cory Matthews.

  • Cory, Shawn, and Topanga are chilling at Chubby’s discussing their plans for Cory’s birthday: license, Atlantic City, rated-R movie.
  • Alan and Amy are in the kitchen discussing how Alan will take Cory to get his license, and it will be an awesome father/son day.  You know what’s coming, right? Cory already went and got his license with Shawn and Topanga.  I think this is whack.  Unless you’re older or have an estranged parental situation, it’s mean not to let them take you.  Plus, they’ll probably pay for all your DMV crap if they do.  It’s a win/win for everyone.
  • Cory thinks he’s going to go riding with his friends to Atlantic City, but Alan has some errands to run.  This leaves Cory waiting all day.  Morgan drives by him on her Power Wheels and proclaims mockingly “I’m Cory, I’m 16 and going to Atlantic City to see an R-rated movie.”  Ugg, I hate her.  She is unnecessary.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Boy Meets World, Week 3

May 28th, 2010

E here with another Flashback Friday! Have you missed me during my absence the past couple of weeks? I’ll just assume yes. In any case, if you have not been keeping up with Boy Meets World on your own, you missed a lot.  We sailed through Season 2 and Season 3, and ABC Family is now currently airing the beginning of Season 4. This past week has had some solid episodes.

We’ll start off with “I Never Sang For My Legal Guardian.”  This is a Shawn heavy episode.  He’s really moody with everybody in this episode because he’s having Dad Abandonment Issues even though Mr. Turner is the most amazing legal guardian.  He has a cool bachelor pad, an earring, a mullet, and makes ‘Tang’ Chicken.  What more do you want Shawn Hunter?! Blood?! Apparently, he just wants his sketch dad back who is living just a few hours away in a different part of PA trying to pay off a few parking tickets before he continues on his search for his wife/Shawn’s mom.  The Hunter men finally run into each other at the local police station, and Shawn convinces him to stay.  It’s acting like this that convinced me that I needed that 8”X10” glossy of Rider Strong.

LOL moments go to Mr. Feeny and Cory.  In the Mr. Feeny scene, Eric is asking Feeny where he went wrong (as far as his grades are concerned) and Feeny replies, “I’d have to say in 5th grade when you took that ride in the dryer.” Our second one comes from Cory when he pronounces “There’s no such thing as good news before I have my grape nuts.” Ha.

Our featured episode of the week is “The Happiest Show on Earth.” Guys, this is the obligatory Disney World episode.  Gotta have it.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Boy Meets World, Week 2

May 7th, 2010

E here, back for another week of Flashback Friday. Man, was my DVR busy this week capturing 10 ‘new’ Boy Meets World episodes. But, it was a week full of classics, so who am I to ignore any one episode. (Side Note: Is anyone willing to come clean my house before my mom and grandma get here because I’m out of time after watching too much ABC Family?)

Anyway, onto the highlights. So, we got a chance to see Cory and Shawn go to a ‘boy, girl’ party in the episode “Fear Strikes Out.” Unfortunately for Cory, Eric got him ridiculously stressed out before hand and when it was his turn in the closet for “7 Minutes in Heaven” (with Topanga!) he totally fell apart. By the time Topanga calms him down, time is up, and he is officially declared a nice boy. I remember watching this episode as a kid and being completely mortified for Cory; it’s a bummer feeling like you’re behind everyone else. (And boy was I behind. I was still wearing puppy dog sweatshirts and dresses my mom picked out for me from Jessica McClintock. Yes, even worse than Rachel Berry on Glee with her penchant for animal sweaters).

Another great episode this past week was with Cory dating TK, also know as Theresa Keiner, also known as Harley Keiner’s sister. I had an lol moment when she stared sending Cory floral wreaths, a clown made out of candy, and steaks. And then I had a fuzzy feelings moment when TK told us how Harley is the only one that takes care of her. Both have daddy issues and should probably be on an episode of LOST because of this.

Ooo, Ooo, and then we had “Band on the Run” with Cory and Shawn pretending to be in a band to woo the ladies. They’re exposed when they are asked to perform at the school dance, and well, they can’t because they have no musical talent or experience. We also have a very special guest spot by some of The Monkees.

But, our main episode this week is “Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do.”
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April 30th, 2010

As any child of the 80s can claim, I grew up on sitcoms. From TGIF to must see TV and everything in between. Color me obsessed. I started my own website about TV so clearly I love it a lot. And that love started in the late 80s/early 90s. When I went to college, I never thought I would meet anyone equally as in love with TV as I was. Thankfully, my college roommate (and now best friend) fit the bill perfectly. When she proposed to me an idea for this site with reviews (and probably interviews down the line) of our favorite sitcoms, I was so excited. She is a brilliant writer and equally brilliant TV connoisseur and I am so pleased to introduce her. She will be writing Flashback Fridays about various different shows. If there is something you want her to cover, feel free to weigh in. So without further ado, I introduce to you, E. (Cue round of applause)

E here, the TV Chick’s best friend and former roommate. Our TV was on from 2001-2005 non-stop and we lived so many moments anxious for a new Gilmore Girls (complete with singing the theme song) or falling asleep at 2am to an oft-watched Frasier episode. One of our favorite mid-day activities (hey, we were in college, we had the time) was watching old episodes of many classic 90s television shows including Full House, Step-by-Step, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World, etc, etc. Seriously, I could go on and on here. That’s what brings us here today to the TV Chick’s latest blog series: Flashback Friday’s. I’ll be guest writing every Friday about some of yours and mine favorite old shows. We’re starting with Boy Meets World, which I’m thrilled about because I’ve been waiting for it to come back into rotation on ABC Family in the early mornings. It finally has after about 2 years of me waiting patiently (yes, I realize this is tad bit weird, sad…choose your adjective). Anyway, it’s back! To fully prepare, I feel like I need to dig up my 8X10” glossy of Rider Strong. But let’s start the walk down memory lane now. We’ll be looking at a one episode each week as well as some highlights from a few other episodes.

OK, so Season 1 is already over for now (don’t worry, I’m sure it will back in a couple of months as they are playing 10 glorious episodes a week). But, the highlights are Cory is not really into Topanga, Eric is not over-the-top dumb yet, Shawn’s family is slightly less colorful, and the often-tortured Minkus is still around. Our hero Cory is also still in sixth grade so things haven’t really gotten too scandalous yet.

But, Season 2 just started this past week, so let’s move on shall we? Our featured episode this week is “Back 2 School” and is brought to you by Shawn’s sexy fake sideburns. Like any first day back at school episode, this Season 2 premiere is filled with excitement and new characters.

Here are the highlights:

  • Cory signs an agreement not to talk to Eric here forth know as the “The Great One” (with Cory being “The Insignificant Speck.”)
  • Cory utters in the hallway as they walk into middle/high school: “This is it, High School, what happens to us now determines our entire future.” ← This is like philosophy people.
  • The boys have definitely had their sexual awakening as they look at Topanga for a little too long and a little ogling-esque.
  • We meet the ‘sexy’ motorcycle riding, slightly mullet having English teacher Mr. Turner (who Cory mistakenly believes is the 9-millionth year senior Harley Keiner).
  • Shawn and Cory are separated for the first time!
  • Cory tries to get an in with the actual Harley Keiner, but he just embarrasses himself and gets them both in trouble. Cory also earns the nickname “Johnny Baboon” from Harley.
  • Mr. Feeny is the new interim principal, woop woop, moving on up to the east side, to a deluxe office at John Adams High. He then in turn cracks me the heck up when he refers to the students as the “Beasts of the Field.” I for real LOL’d here. I need hobbies.
  • Mr. Turner tries his best to secure his position as the cool teacher by having the students read the Odyssey alongside an X-Men issue.
  • Eric ends up coming through for Cory in the end when he attempts to protect him from Harley (who has threatened punishment by death for getting him in trouble with Feeny). Eric isn’t successful and it’s the cool Mr. Turner who breaks things up. Harley says to him, “Could I take you?” Mr. Turner responds, “Nah.” Haha, comedic gold people!
  • Everything gets wrapped up nicely at the end when Cory realizes he sort of lived the Odyssey on his first day of seventh grade.

Bravo! Love it! Classic episode full of awesomeness.  I can’t wait to keep watching and rediscover Boy Meets World, especially the greatest love all time (besides Buffy and Angel that is), Cory and Topanga. Come back for next week’s Flashback Friday where we check back in on Cory.  Comment back about your favorite Boy Meets World episodes or other shows you want to revisit! Later! E.