REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “The Sun Also Rises”

May 6th, 2011


E back again, and seriously guys, last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “The Sun Also Rises” was magnificent.  Whenever the official body count is 4 peeps, you know it’s going to be serious business.

We start with Caroline and Matt still trying to keep Tyler out of where they are.  Matt totally shoots him like a boss! He’s not dead, just down for a bit.  Caroline then takes Matt’s hand and does some fancy vampire moving fast out of there stuff.

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REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries “Klaus”

April 22nd, 2011


E back again to discuss a ridiculously informative episode of The Vampire Diaries entitled “Klaus.”  For nerds who love to get information out of their TV shows, this is the episode for you! In fact, there’s so much to learn, we don’t even see half the cast including Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline, and Matt.

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